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Walk and Talk Protocol

“For the human biological organism, moving while thinking- what we refer to as ‘Kinesthetic Doodling’- facilitates ideas”~Sunni Brown

This Gets You
active, away from possible distractions, and communicating differently than a traditional meeting space. Research shows that walking will boost creativity and open up the conversation to the free flow of ideas.  

Keep in Mind
your group size, route terrain and the weather. This is a great protocol to practice “Being Fully Present”, leave your notebooks and laptops behind.


Risk Taking

Be Fully Present

Creative Commons

Learn from Failure


Make | Create | Do

Embrace Ambiguity

Assume a Beginners Mindset


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

  • Plan your walking route for the length of the meeting
  • This protocol is often a great way to reengage and reenergize the group around the design challenge. Schedule your walk for when you may need it most.
  • Let everyone know ahead of time about the walk, especially if route or weather considerations need to be made.
  • Enjoy the walk, share ideas, and ‘Be Fully Present’.