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Virtual Learning Walks

A process of reflection on student learning and instructional design that takes place through the viewing of these stories on our YouTube channel.

This Gets You
…to view and hear an authentic learning story and to reflect on it. 

Keep in Mind
… writing down observations onto sticky notes will make sharing and organizing these into themes easier. 

Virtual Learning Walks

  1. Choose a project to follow through the different formats on the YouTube Channel. *The same learning story is often told in many voices. Look for the student voice in the Rocky Docs Playlist, and the teacher voice in the learning story, Rocky Docs, and Rocky Talks playlists.
  2. As you watch: take note of what jumps out at you, what makes this learning real, visible and for everyone.
  3. Reflect on each virtual learning walk video. Share your notes/ Post-its. You may want to organize the group’s observations into themes or clusters. What are the general themes taken from the virtual learning walk, and how can we incorporate these into our instructional design?


Sample Resources:


I am Canada- Learning Story


I am Canada- RockyDoc










The Bow Watershed Inquiry- RockyTalk


The Bow Watershed Inquiry- RockyDoc