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The Virtual Design Lab was created during #RVSedLearningFromHome so that we could design learning to engages every student and mentor them for success and well-being even when separated. When we moved learning online, new barriers and opportunities emerged, but we never lost sight of what is best for our students. Our empathy is for the learner first, and the outcomes second. Taking our learning online has been an opportunity to build community, design powerful learning experience, and share high quality learning artifacts within the #RVSed Learning network. Follow some of the prototypes that we practiced:

ReDesign Online

ReDesigners Online explores solutions with students to re-sign their own spaces and routines for at home learning.

Art Challenge

Art Challenges are a creative way to connect in the #rvsed learning community through art projects and activities that teachers engaged in with their students.

Virtual Staffroom

The Virtual Staffroom is a way for educators in the #rvsed learning community to connect and converse about Working & Learning From Home! 


Rocky View Studio

Rocky View Studio grew out of a need to create messages, lessons, stories with students for the page, stage & screen and to share them with the #rvsed learning community.