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Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder Mapping helps identify key people or groups of people who impact and/ or are impacted by your design challenge. By understanding the different parties that are involved, you can more readily analyze stakeholder needs and develop strategies to address them.

This Gets You

Mapping them not only allows you to synthesize their relationship to the design challenge, but it also can prompt you to think of additional stakeholders that you hadn’t considered. If that happens, place them in the map as well.

Keep in Mind

not every stakeholder needs to be directly connected to the challenge, several nodes on the map can lead to other nodes. This is a visual model, use colour, images, different types of lines and frames to create your map. 

WHO: Identify who needs to be engaged now

WHEN: Identify existing times and opportunities when you can engage them.

HOW: What is relevant to them? How might you engage them in the challenge? What questions or concerns might they have?