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Learning Design Interviews…

Rocky View Schools is full of Innovators who design engaging learning. As we navigate teaching and learning under these difficult circumstances, we wanted to connect with some of the teachers who are trailblazing a path forward for their students and schools. As we develop new and creative ways to support learners online, many of us are finding new tools and practices that we will likely keep well beyond this school shutdown. 

Jared Elenko and Rob Wollin from Prince of Peace Lutheran School. 

We wanted to learn more about the learning Arcs for designing transdiciplinary units for their grade 8 students. How can we design learning that connects the core curricula from the Alberta Program of Studies to a concept like “Consumption”? Learn about their Bridges metaphor for designing such learning in the 2020/21 school year, using Jamboards for online collaboration and more. Early days, but certainly a team to keep an eye on. 

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Scott Bailey from Ever Active Schools and Adam Pratt from Heloise Lorimer School talk Physical Literacy

Learning looks a lot different during social isolation and learning at home. Ever Active Schools is rising to the challenge with teacher facilitators like Adam Pratt from Heloise Lorimer to create daily videos to keep kids active and engaged. Physical literacy is an essential ingredient in any learning continuity plan now, just as Daily Physical Activity is important in every school day. We talked about #DPAeveryday, YouTube, the value of making learning visible and connecting physical literacy to learning in core subject areas. 

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An update from Mark Turner about The Farm

We get an up date from Mark about The Farm, an agricultural school program for grade 9-11 students in Rocky View Schools. We learn what happened with the chicks that were supposed to live on The Farm, where are they now? We also learned about some plans for the spring, the summer and the 2020-21 school year.

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Alicia Berger ~ Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School

Great to visit with Kindergarten teacher and Learning Coach from Elizabeth Barrett Elementary School in Cochrane. We talked about Teaching Kindergarten Online, YouTube, continuing French Immersion through Boom Learning and Boom Decks. We also talked about being an instructional leader and the need to bring our learning coaches and other leads together to share tips and tricks for supporting teacher design.

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Jander Talen~ R.O.A.M.S. at Cochrane High School

In this interview we found Jander Talen from Cochrane High School to learn about ROAMS: Rivers, Oceans, and Mountains School. CHS Roams is an opportunity to do schooling differently. It’s a one semester outdoor education academy where 10th grade students develop essential skills for life while studying and receiving credit for the following courses: ELA10, Social Studies 10, Outdoor Education, PE, CALM, Photography, and Leadership

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Vicky Coverdale~ Cochrane Christian Academy

We caught up with a budding YouTube sensation and grade 5 teacher Vicky Coverdale from Cochrane Christian Academy
We talked about iMovie, Lucidpress, Publishing, Literacy, Kahoot, Chapbooks, and more. 

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Promoting Literacy Through Chapbooks
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Carleen Pocklington~ Fireside School in Cochrane

Great visit with Carleen, an inspiring grade 1 teacher, who is working hard to share her passion with students and their families through a variety of ways. In part 1 We talked about weekly calls home to check in with students, Zoom Scavenger Hunts, hands on numeracy at home and in the community, YouTube and more.
In Part 2 we talked about designing play based learning, engaging in hands on literacy, exhibiting student work, professional growth and even hosting a Virtual Talent Show!

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Katt Hryciw Part 1~ Manachaban Middle School in Cochrane

Hard to cut anything. The conversation kept going long after we hit stop with Katt Hryciw, a teacher and leader at Manachaban Middle School. We talked about teaching French Immersion online, getting onto Google Classroom, YouTube and collaborative team planning. 

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Katt Hryciw Part 2~ Manachaban Middle School in Cochrane

In this second part of our conversation with Katt Hryciw, we learned more about the Manachaban Middle School GSA, Chat program and how passionate educators are continuing to support students during the current school closure. 

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Adam Ayer and Kendra Mogck ~ M.A.G.E. and Online Collaborative Instructional Design at George McDougall High School in Airdrie. 

We caught up with Adam and Kendra to learn more about the Mustangs Academic Gaming Enterprise (M.A.G.E.), a program beginning in September. This interdisciplinary program will lead students through a design process in developing a new table top board game. We also learned about the design collaboration with Kendra Mogck, an assistant principal, where they’ve taken their design sessions online using Miro

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Derek Cooper Part Deux ~ Making Teaching Visible at Cochrane High School

In this second part of our conversation with Derek Cooper from Cochrane High School we talk about his leadership in supporting teachers to make their practice visible, his set up, and the vision for using video going forward. 

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Derek Cooper ~ Science 10 Cochrane High School

Recorded April 3, 2020 with Derek Cooper, future YouTube sensation, from Cochrane High School about his set up for teaching and learning online. An awesome discussion around using video, interactive video, Google Classroom, instructional design and instructional leadership.

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Kaitlin and Bobbi ~ Grade 2 Prince of Peace Lutheran School 

Recorded April 2, 2020 with Kaitlin Duong and Bobbi Skrynyk from Prince of Peace Lutheran School about starting their journey in teaching grade 2 online. We talk about Twitter, Google Classrooms, and continuing to design learning the meets students and families where they are while engaging them toward deeper experiences and understandings. 

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