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Storyboard Tool

A tool to plot your video script and receive feedback prior to filming.

This Gets You
a way to plan your video and visualize your scenes

Keep in Mind
the Storyboard is a visual reference to be used as you capture your scenes

How To Use the Tool:

  1. Put the Project Title, names of the video directors and the maximum video length at the top of your Storyboard
    – consider your audience when trying to determine the length of your video
  2. In the boxes provided, sketch the major scenes or events in your video (ex. action / plot / interview)
    – number the scenes so that the order is clear
  3. Under each box, fill in the following:
    – Duration: Approximate length of the scene
    – Location: Where will you be filming?
    – Camera Notes: What equipment will you need (lights/tripod/mic)? Are there specific camera angles or techniques you need to use?
    – Audio: What sound effects or music will be added to this scene?
  4. After completing your Storyboard, have someone review it and provide you with feedback.
  5. Revise your Storyboard.
  6. Start capturing your scenes.