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PL Planner

A graphic organizer to lead designers of professional learning through the development of the Where, When, WHY, What and how for a future learning event. 

This Gets You
to slow down and consider first the purpose and goals for the event before making an agenda. It also aims to value the time of all participants by being intentional about the goals and timing. 

Keep in Mind
time is an important resource and bringing folks together needs to be purposeful and valuable. By creating and sharing an agenda with the Why, goals, and work flow participants should feel that their time is valued, as is their participation and expertise. 

When ever we create an agenda for a professional learning workshop we begin with the WHY. We often put this at the top of a whiteboard to remind us of the purpose for the learning. We also often phrase the topic or theme as a question, ‘How Might We…’ questions are a great place to start as they serve as a provocation. On the organizer we have this along the top banner. Along with the Why we have the when and  importantly the WHERE. 

WHERE you Learn often dictates HOW you learn. In the example below we searched for a location that would afford participants time to collaborate and work visually so furniture and light were important. The overarching theme was DESIGN THINKING, and we wanted to share through the venue that design thinking is thriving in contexts outside of Rocky View Schools. Before creating an agenda or goals, we brainstormed venues that would connect with our WHY: YYC Civic Innovation Lab, Hunter Hub, D4AHS, StemLAB, Schulich Maker Multiplex, CBE Future of Learning Lab, InceptionU…. Each of these spaces would afford us the space to facilitate a collaborative workshop, but also connect directly with our overarching theme. What is your theme? How will participants work collaborate? What has worked in the past? What venues will not work well? Can you imagine a space that will inspire and excite participants?



PL Planner