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Placemat Prototyping

A pitch process using chart paper that is divided into four quadrants. Using the chart paper, participants will quickly develop a prototyped unit or project to pitch to the group.

This Gets You
…to rapidly develop a visual pitch for an audience in order to receive feedback for revision and iteration.¬†

Keep in Mind
…this process is often used to combine new ideas together and to introduce rapid idea prototyping around the Make it Real, Make it Visible and Make it for Everyone statements.

Placemat Prototyping

  1. Divide the chart paper into 4 quadrants. The top left corner becomes the big idea, outcome or theme you will be developing.
  2. Label the remaining 3 squares: Make it Real, Make it Visible and Make it for Everyone.
  3. Use Post-it notes either taken from previous brainstorm work available, older placemats or create new Post-its to develop a pitch for a possible way to cover the content in the top left corner.
  4. Share the pitches using the Gallery Walk, Critical Friends Protocol, or the Pitch Protocol.

*Using Post-it notes makes it easy to revise work and also makes the ideas available for others to use in later stages or future design work.