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Big Idea

Learning online is still learning. We need to design learning so that every student is engaged and every student can be successful. When you move the learning online, new barriers and opportunities emerge. What we can’t lose sight of is the student. Our empathy is for the learner first, and the outcomes second. 
Good ideas become great ideas when they’re given the time, space, and collaborative energy to incubate.

Driving Questions

How might we use human-centered design principals to improve student experience & success in schools?


To flesh out your innovative idea, share it, and receive feedback for revision. Solidify your vision and package it so that it can be shared with others.


A succinct pitch that explains your idea.
A visual learning journey sketching the benchmarks along the way.
Feedback on your idea & its next steps.

April 28 Info and Registration: 

April 30 Info and Registration:

Step 1: Discover and Define

Introductions and share the pitch link

Phenomenological Improv 

Creating your Pitch: Add yours to the Google Slides here

Sharing and Feedback: Share your Defined Learning Statement slide. Group provides ideas, comments and questions in the feedback area on the slide. 

Next Steps: 
– Developing your learning journey. What is the scope and sequence of actions and reflections that will guide learners toward the final deliverable and exhibition? 
– What digital tools could we use to collaboratively design and share this journey? 
– Join us next week for Stage 2: Develop and Document. Check out the PL Registry for dates and times, or contact us anytime for support or info.