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Newsroom Protocol

Interviewing multiple sources to gather information and insights about a theme, and bringing those insights together with others in the ‘editors room’ to consolidate, share and build knowledge around the topic.

This Gets You
to seek insights and feedback from multiple sources to bring to the group. This is also a democratic process allowing everyone in the room to contribute to the topic or theme. 

Keep in Mind
timing is everything and using a countdown clock or stopwatch will keep the protocol moving forward productively. 5 minutes per interview is often enough. 


  1. identify the themes to be explored through the protocol
  2. create the groups that will be exploring each theme A, B, C….
  3. create mixed groups where participants will interview their sources from other theme groups ex. Group A member will interview Group B group member. C and D.
  4. Then switch roles, B will interview A and D will interview C.
  5. Switch again ex. A and C, B and D until all of the sources have had input into each of the themes.

Editors Room: 15-20 minutes

  1. Once the interviews are complete, bring the themed groups together to share what they’ve discovered, and to begin to develop insights and shared knowledge around the topic. *This works well with large whiteboards, poster paper, or chart paper.
  2. Once the groups have shared, consolidated and developed insights, each will present back to the group.
  3. This is also an opportunity for group feedback to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and there is group ownership over what was generated around the theme.

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