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Math Inquiry Generation Tool

Used to distill answers to some key questions before designing an inquiry arc in Math.

This Gets You…
thinking about some important questions in preparing for your design. What do you want students to explore in the arc of their inquiry? This includes curricular outcomes, mathematical processes (see Alberta Programs of Studies), and important elements of inquiry (authentic, engaging, open-ended, etc.).

Keep in Mind
… that other educators might be able to offer some interesting additions or ideas for these boxes. This tool is best used in conjunction with a critique and revision process where colleagues or experts might be able to offer insights or approaches you had not considered.

… that an inquiry arc first encourages students to explore many possible solutions or ideas (divergence) before distilling these down to principles or solutions (convergence). Think about how both of these processes might fit into the design. Check out our Student Inquiry Tool and Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Math Problems as additional resources.