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 Mash Ups

Innovation happens at the intersection of ideas. This process encourages participants to investigate the possibilities when two or more divergent ideas collide in a planning prototype.

This Gets You
…to explore new opportunities that emerge when multiple big ideas/outcomes are brought together into a prototyped pitch. 

Keep in Mind
…this process is still a part of the Inspire Phase of the design process and may not represent the plan you eventually prototype. The goal here is to continue to expand the number of possibilities you may pursue including interdisciplinary work, cross-grade collaborations, and other partnerships. 

Mash Ups

1. Select the themes to be remixed together. You could have choose divergent outcomes from with a discipline, interdisciplinary, fine art integration, or connect a curricular outcome to a broader idea such as: storytelling, maker movement, environmental sustainability…

2. Using the Placemat Prototype process the selected topics complete the top left corner of the placemat. The remaining 3 quadrants of the chart paper become areas to create the project pitch.

3. Pitches should be shared using one of the feedback protocols in the Toolkit.