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Big Idea

Instructional design requires attention in 4 areas: Know your Content, Know your Students, Design Powerful Learning, Communication of Student Learning. 

Literacy and Numeracy are present in all disciplines, and all teachers are Literacy and Numeracy teachers. 

Our peers are our critical friends and can amplify our instructional designs through collaboration and reflection. 

Driving Questions

What topics are we uncovering in the spring? 
Who are the people, places and programs that could enrich the learning?
How might we collaboratively design the learning visually to be shared with colleagues and students?
How might we amplify our own literacy and numeracy in a transdiciplinary way? (not separated, but woven in seamlessly) 


Frame the learning for the spring and map it out with colleagues. 

Leave with a plan that recognizes the opportunities for hands on learning, literacy and numeracy. 

Develop some shared instructional design practice and tools for our learning community. 

March 16, 2020

1:00pm Designing Powerful Learning in RVS

1:10pm Frame the learning designed for after spring break. 

1:20pm Share back to the group and Crowd Source Stacks 

1:40pm Draw Toast

1:50pm Scope and sequence collaborative planning: Amplify Lit/Num and Hands on. 
– Where are the highlights? 
– Where are the intermediate and final deliverables? 
– Who are the People, Places and Programs that will enrich the learning? 

2:40pm Critical friends sharing

3:00pm Exit pass.