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Design Questions

When discussing the implementation of curriculum, these Learning Design Questions create a common vocabulary and the critical elements to consider when designing an inquiry or project that brings curriculum to life. These questions can be used in conjunction with The RVS Learning Design Process.

Make It Real

What is possible?  Explore:

  • current events or issues related to a discipline • Programs of Study
  • what your students create or do • how to take action
  • how to behave like an expert in a discipline • how to impact an audience

What is the focus of the inquiry or project?

What Big Ideas from the Programs of Study do you want your students to learn?

What Questions will frame the study?

What community resources and experts will support making it real?

What Competencies will your students develop and demonstrate?

How could your students explore the driving questions?

How will you pitch the work to your students to engage them in questions?


Make It Visible

How will your students document and reflect on their learning?

How will students and teachers document and share the journey?

  • For the Classroom, For Parents, For the Community, For the World


Make It For Everyone

What conversations, observations and products will you use to inform communication of student learning?

What cycles of feedback and revision will support student growth?

What tools will your students need to build their skills and processes?

What choices do students have to represent their learning?

What Learning Supports and resources will make learning accessible for everyone?

A good next step is to sequence the teaching and learning milestones you have identified in the previous questions and create a teacher to do list to actualize your plans.


Click here to look at past design exemplars from RVS teachers with earlier versions of The RVS Learning Design Process.

Click here for a pdf of The RVS Learning Design Process template . (template en Français)

Keep in Mind
The questions are not meant to be taken up in a linear fashion as the creative process often involves bouncing between the categories. The RVS Learning Design Process is pivotal to support critique and revision as it provides direction for designers to provide meaningful feedback to each other.

This Gets You
to document your thinking and consider important elements of learning design. It is used throughout the ideation phase as it provides the guiding questions to explore the possibilities for teaching and learning.