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Instructional Inventory

Brainstorm through a variety of components of a learning design. Print this on 11×17 paper, and the “thinking spaces” are perfect for Post It Notes.

This Gets You
… ready to populate an instructional design or illustrated learning journey. You can brainstorm a number of components that might be included in a learning design without having to think about what order they need to go in.
… thinking about a number of aspects of rich instructional design.

Keep in Mind
Each box is meant to hold a stack of Post It Notes (ideas).
You don’t have to think about timing order yet. This is an opportunity to consider all the things you MIGHT include in an instructional design.
Not every box needs one or more “answers,” but at least the consider the questions. “SHOULD I have a Post It in this box?”

  1. Grab some sticky notes.
  2. Consider answers to each of the questions, and generate as many answers as you can.
  3. Stack the answers to each question on top of one another.
  4. When you’re ready to lay out the design, the stickies are easily sorted, reordered, and/or set aside.