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The RVS Learning Design Framework

A framework used to create a lesson, project, unit or year plan.

This Gets You
a way to organize and plan a lesson, project, unit or year that includes areas for “Making Learning Visible”, “Make Create Do”, “Reflect, Relate, Revise” and “Document and Observe.” The framework can be created on a large scale to put up in your classroom.

Keep in Mind
the Project Pitch Tool can be cut and added to your framework. The framework can be adapted so that instead of the double wave, you can use an eye catching or engaging element or theme from your project.

To create your own version:

  1. Brainstorm the key elements using the Project Pitch Tool
  2. Who are the Community Partners that will help make your project authentic?
  3. What is your Essential Question?  One way to phrase a good essential question is “How might students <action(s)> so that <learning outcome(s)>?”
  4. Give your project or unit a title. A catchy title can often take on a life of its own and give a project or learning arc an identity that is unique and memorable.
  5. Sequence the experiences that students will have as they move through the learning. Consider what students could make, create, and do as well as what they will see, hear, and read. Plot this timeline “above the line.”  Think carefully about what scaffolding (intermediate stages and supports) students will need before they undertake summative assessments and culminating project work.
  6. Balance with reflection. Along the timeline, consider how students might reflect on their learning. Try balancing the “above the line” experiences with opportunities to reflect on their learning, share ideas and insights with peers, revise their work and their ideas, and other forms of reflective practice. This could include self, peer, and formative assessments, summarizing activities, think/pair/share, collaborative protocols, critique and revision cycles, etc.
  7. Consider other important factors that have to be built into your learning design and plot these in the “blank lanes.”  Are you incorporating literacy or numeracy connections?  Personalization plans for certain students?  Plans for making the learning visible to parents and school stakeholders?

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