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Transdiciplinary Tiles

These templates can be printed and attached to magnet sheets to create easy to create a visual way to aggregate outcomes from different curricula into new exciting projects and tasks. 

This Gets You
to pull outcomes from different curricula in order to design powerful transdiciplinary learning. These outcomes, framed as ‘I Can’ statements, can be backed with magnetic paper creating squares that can be moved and manipulated like magnetic poetry. 

Keep in Mind
the curricular outcomes are only one ingredient to an instructional design. Take time to consider the interests and needs of your students as another essential ingredient. Community and current events form the context for the design and need to be considered and brought into the mix as well. 

Below are PDF’s for each grade with the different subjects colour coded to match the RVS Real Time Reporting scheme. In order to make them fit best on the page, we had mix the outcomes around the page (prototypes can be messy).

We then attached the page to the magnetic sheets we bought on Amazon. They were around $2 per sheet, and each grade is just over 2 sheets using our pdfs.The adhesive is very strong so be careful to put it on straight the first time, no mulligans. 

The paper and magnetic sheet cut easily with scissors or a paper cutter, no special tools needed. 

We love using the outcome magnets to find exciting connections between subjects, create Venn Diagrams to show what can be connected and is less viable and more.

COOL TECH ADD ON!! If you download the free Post It app, it will recognize the square outcome magnets and pull them digitally into the app so you can save them, share them, continue working with them. From the app you can then send them to pdf, PowerPoint, Trello and more. We love working with whiteboards and post it notes of course, but we love being able to digitize them afterwards so we can save and share them easier.