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 GASP (Give, Ask, Steal Protocol)

A feedback protocol where all participants are tasked with providing and receiving feedback.


This Gets You…
to consider other examples of work and to Give Ideas, Ask Questions, and to Steal Ideas. All products will receive feedback and you will receive greater amounts of feedback than voluntary feedback protocols. 

Keep in Mind…
everyone is responsible to have a product to share and to provide the 4 pieces of feedback to other works, and to bring 2 ideas back that might influence their work. 

G.A.S.P. (Give, Ask, Steal Protocol)
– Different coloured Post-it Notes.
– Pens

Using Post-its in three different colours, the group will provide feedback to the other projects. The group will use one colour for Ideas, one for Questions, and another for Stolen ideas that you might bring back to your project.

Give ideas: provide ideas, resources, or advice to the other participants.

Ask Questions: provide questions as you gallery walk the other projects.

Steal Ideas: find ideas in your gallery walk that you might incorporate into your own plan.