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Empathy Shopping Protocol

A feedback protocol for prototype pitches requiring participants to ‘shop’ from previously brainstormed post-it notes for ideas that could inform the next iteration of the proposed project.

This Gets You…
…to listen to the project pitch and shop for new ideas or resources that may become a part of the project revision.. Ideas can be gathered from brainstorming work, previous prototypes, or can be created using post-it notes. Through this shoppers will offer ‘gifts’ of new resources or ideas found with a statement of why it was selected. 

Keep in Mind…
…the ‘gifts’ received are not necessarily meant to be acted upon, but represent a new possibility for the project. Time should be provided after the protocol for recipients to follow up with gift-givers if need be and to discuss further where and how these new ideas can be incorporated into the prototype. 

Empathy Shopping Protocol

Step 1  In turn, pitch your idea in two to three minutes.

Step 2  Split up and gallery walk to “shop” from the posted placemats.

Step 3  Choose sticky notes for your group members.

Step 4  In turn, give the ideas to your group members and explain your choices.


Note: Group members receiving the ideas should listen and take notes but not talk.