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Big Idea

In Rocky View Schools, we believe that professional learning should model engaging classroom learning that follows the Rocky View Design Process. This session will take participants through the Learning Design Process and how it applies to Professional Learning.

Driving Questions 

What is the RVS  learning design process? 
What are the characteristics of powerful professional learning?
How can we apply the RVS Learning design model to our next PL presentation or workshop? 
What are the Big Ideas, Driving Questions and Goals?
What are some different ways to engage learners toward these ends?


Develop an engaging agenda for an upcoming workshop or PL opportunity. 

February 27, 2020 Agenda

12:45pm Meet at the Nureva Design Studio in the Central Public Library

1:00pm What is InceptionU and EvoleU? Meet some EvolveU Learners. 

1:30pm What is powerful professional learning? As designers and facilitators, what do we want to keep in mind?

1:35pm Share and Shop: Choose an element or characteristic from the brainstorm that you’d like to keep front of mind for your next opportunity. 

The WHEN and the WHERE: Find a venue that supports or connects to the learning you’d like to facilitate or theme you’d like to uncover. 
The WHY: You might phrase this as a HMW question that will service as the essential question for the event. 
The WHAT are the goals for the event? What products, deliverables, understandings, or feedback are you building toward?
The HOW: What are some of the Driving Questions that will provide and maintain momentum in the learning? These can be small questions that scaffold toward bigger ideas. Example: Who will be impacted by this work? Who else is doing similar work? Where might we look for examples or support? 

2:15pm Critical Friend Conversation: Before connecting with a peer for critique and revision, consider areas that may be tricky or topics you’d like support or help toward. 
– 4-5 minutes. Share your ‘Frame’ for the professional learning. Critical friends are listening for way to support or reflective questions they might have for your plan. 
– 4-5 Minutes. Feedback
– Switch Roles. 

2:45pm HOW
– Develop the Agenda. A scope and sequence of activities and reflections to meet your goal/s. 
– Consider groupings, personalities, timing, mixing/remixing, inclusion for all voices (where will the option specialists or learning supports fit? Who else might attend and how will they be included)

3:15pm Share back to the whole group.

Exit Pass

4:00pm Debrief