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Learning Design with Instructional Leaders and U of C education students

Big Idea: How might intentionally design learning to be engaging and authentic?


  • Be Fully Present
  • Bring a Creative Commons Mindset
  • Adopt a beginner’s mindset
  • W.A.I.T. Why am I talking?
  • Take Risks and Fail Forward
  • Make Learning Visible

Driving Questions

How might we better support our learners as a team?
How might we foster a culture of constructive feedback and support?
How might we make our work visible to inspire and inform our stakeholders?



Make ALL Learning Visible (teacher and student learning)



Critiqued learning design process to implement



9:00 Doors open at the CLC. Coffee and network

9:10 Introductions, Agenda and Deliverables for the day

9:20 Draw Toast
This gets us..
– to engage in collaborative and productive work
– to explore systems thinking and what are the nodes and links of learning in our context

10:00 How might we design powerful learning to enhance student engagement?
This gets us..
– to engage in systems thinking towards learning

10:20 Co-creating learning experiences


12:00 Designing your learning journey
Keep in mind
– a transdisciplinary approach to your learning. Check out Transdisciplinary Tiles

12:40 Critical Friends Protocol

1:15 Walk and Talk

1:45 Continuing Designing

** Throughout the day, documentation will be filmed regarding what co-created learning design looks like as well as interviews regarding this experience. What does instructional leadership look like? What works well? What are the trickies? What are some successes and challenges of our mentoring partnership?
3:00 Debrief