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Launch Your Channel!

Since schools closed, many teachers want to connect with their students in a personal way, and a short video recording is a great way to share a personal message that they can enjoy any time. This challenge begins by recording yourself on your #rvsed laptop in iMovie, then connecting directly to Youtube to launch your channel and uploading your first video to your new Channel!

Record Your Lessons!

After connecting with your students in a personal message on your channel, the next challenge is to populate your channel with original content. It’s easy to record lessons and presentations that you have already created in Keynote, PowerPoint or Google.  The tutorial video about recording your lessons will guide you through the process of recording your presentation as you advance through your slides and turn them into a narrated video that can be shared with your students on your RVSchools YouTube Channel.

Curate Your Playlists!

After you have connected with your students via a Personal Message from your new YouTube Channel, and you have created and shared one or more video lessons, you may want to organize your channel with YouTube Playlists and Sections on your Channel’s Homepage. Not only can you organize your own videos into curated playlists, but you can also add sections of playlists from other channels, too. 

So, here is the trilogy of YouTube lessons to Create & Curate your own Channel: