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Big Idea

Staff at Cooper’s Crossing are creative and innovative with valuable ideas to contribute and action. 
The design of learning requires an intentional process or journey in order to find creative solutions to unique problems. 

Driving Questions

What are Blue Zones and how might we connect with this initiative? 


Using and reflecting on the RVS Learning Design model through practice.
Brainstorm creative ideas toward some of the Cooper’s Crossing initiatives. 

February 14, 2020 Agenda

8’ish  Grab & Go Breakfast 

8:30     Overview from Todd (45 min) – How we got here (blue zones & Num/Lit) …. what’s next 

             What is – Design Thinking – Dan McWilliam (15 min) 

Phenomenological Improv (20 min) 

What is – Walk & Talks (5 min) 

10:00    Walk & Talk “QUESTION” 

10:15   Wellness Break 

10:30  Discover  

Where are we with – Literacy & Numeracy (10 min) (Daniel, Diana, Erin, Ashley, Tara, Jenn, Jasminka) 

What is – Blue Zones in Airdrie (10 min – Trena & Tammy)  

*Choose area of focus Blue Zones or Lit/Numeracy 

 Idea Incubator (Dan) “Brainstorming” 

  • Everyone starts in the Art Space  
  • Then choose your adventure.  
  • Sort and theme the ideas you were gifted. Resource and  

11:30   Whole Group Sharing – Where to from here? 

              Exit Pass: I like, What if, Something Dabble with now, and 2 things you’d like to see next year.  

            Next Steps    Numeracy/Literacy & Blue Zone updates at Staff Meetings 

12:00   Walk & Talk (QUESTION) 

12:15   Lunch