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 Authenticity Brainstorm

Collaborative brainstorm activity used to explore real world connections to community resources, potential partners, local and global issues to help develop the focus for the inquiry.

This Gets You
…to collaboratively ideate a large number of opportunities available for a potential inquiry. It also provides the raw materials for the prototyping phase of the design process. The Post-It notes created here become the repository of ideas to draw upon in the Placemat Prototyping process.

Keep in Mind
…this process is intended to expand the number of possibilities and to inspire one another to create new ideas. The large number of ideas generated become a storehouse to be used in later planning processes like the Placemat Prototyping, Pitch Process, and Empathy Shopping.

Authenticity Brainstorm

  1. All participants should have Post-It notes and pens available
  2. Conduct several rapid idea brainstorms around ways to Make it Real