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Ask and You Shall Receive

A gallery walk process of requesting and receiving specific feedback or help for your work.

 This Gets You
…to reflect on your work and to ask specific questions or to request resources to help move it forward. This is an opportunity to connect with a large number of peers to crowdsource answers, ideas and resources to help you actualize the project. 

Keep in Mind
… this is typically not done as a brainstorming step to provide a number of new ideas. Ask focused questions and concentrate on providing constructive feedback toward those requests. This will help drive the work forward, as opposed to adding new divergent ideas. 

  1. Create a visual pitch of your project using the Placemat Prototyping, Illustrated Learning Journey process, Design Brief, or another pitch process.
  2. Develop specific ‘Asks’ for the group. These might be suggestions for specific students, field experience ideas, names of experts, and/or rubric or planning materials.
  3. Post the pitches around the room with the ‘Asks’.
  4. All participants Gallery Walk the space with Post-its and if they are able to provide support, ideas or resources they add their sticky note to the work. *Remember to add your name so the designer can follow up with you if need be.
  5. Collect, reflect and follow up on the feedback.