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Big Idea: The Rocky View Learning Department supports teachers and leaders who have innovative ideas and provides opportunities for them to collaborate on current initiatives and to inspire new ones.

Driving Questions

How might we better support our students in the transition of Kindergarten to Grade 1?
How might centres be used in an intentional and meaningful way in Kindergarten and Grade 1?
How might we design our learning space to support student needs in Kindergarten and Grade 1?
How might we adopt the use of centres to meaningful explore skills and core routines to support student learning?


To flesh out your innovative idea, and to share it in order to receive feedback for revision. Solidify your vision make a plan of action for implementation.

December 16th Agenda

Shelley Moore Baked Potato
– revisit classroom review
– classroom supports plan

10:00am Break and travel to Windsong School

10:30 – 11:30am
Visit Windsong Grade 1 class, Jordan Neufeld and her daily story workshop

Design time with your team
– Consider insights gleaned from Grade 1 class story workshop
– Consider Design, Resources and Pedagogy 

1:30pm Critical Friends Protocol: Share your re-design ideas and essential details from your Pitch Tool. Share where you are at and what might be tricky…

2:30pm What’s next?
Small hack
Big hack
Learning Space session in February 2020 with Design Team

2:45pm Adios


You might consider Stakeholder Mapping