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Important Kinder Updates!!!

Now that we’re heading into the last few months of kindergarten (unreal!!!) there are some things that you should be aware of in the coming days/weeks:

~ Jersey Day on Thursday – this is in honour of the Calgary Flames first game of playoffs, however you are not confined to Flames gear or even a hockey jersey! Any jersey is fine!!

~ Easter Party on Thursday – please check your email or click on the link below to sign up to bring snacks in for our Easter Party on Thursday.


~ Kindergarten Musical – our kinder musical is May 17th. In the newsletter is said that the Dress Rehearsal is at 1:30 pm (which is the usual time for rehearsals), however this won’t work as the morning class would miss out!! We are currently figuring out a plan with Ms. Milner, so I will keep you posted as soon as we know the definite plan.

~ Community Day on May 2nd – so far we only have 4 parent volunteers (from our class)!! We would love to give our families priority to be involved, however if we don’t have enough then we will go explore in the community of Airdrie (which is okay too!). Please fill out and return the form that was sent home last week asap if you are able to be a special guest. Also, if you are able to volunteer for both morning and afternoon times, we would greatly appreciate it!!

~ Family Dance Night on May 4th – a letter will be sent home in the next couple days with more details about this awesome event our school is hosting as a fundraiser for the Airdrie Food Bank. Each class can sign up to build a themed gift basket to raffle off. We brainstormed some ideas as a class today, so when we decide tomorrow, we will send the forms home (be aware that there is info on BOTH sides of the page!!). Whatever the theme is, each student can bring in items of any value to contribute to our class collaborative themed basket. Once this is decided, I will post about it with some ideas to get the brainstorming wheels turning 🙂

~ Calgary Reads Book Sale – This is a massive, Calgary-wide used book sale that raises money for the Calgary Reads Program which supports early readers. Rocky View is connected with this program through the Wee Reads Program, where students from CW Perry and Bert Church High School come to read with students in our school. Any and all book donations are available to be dropped off at the Calgary Food Bank (April 18-28) or the Calgary Curling Club (May 2-7). The actual book sale will be at the Calgary Curling Club from May 12-14. This is spectacular and massive event that has significantly contributed to my classroom library. If you do go, I suggest going on Friday or Saturday (before everything is picked through) and be sure to bring a wagon to fill!! For more information, please visit

A few back-from-break updates

~ Thursday, March 2nd is Plaid Shirt Day!!

~ Home Reading:
1. New Home Reading duotangs went home with each student today. The very first page outlines what the Home Reading program looks like… it’s not very intense, so please don’t stress! We just really want the kids to practice and make a routine of regular reading with someone as it is a great “habit” to start! The kids are encouraged to challenge themselves by finding familiar words (as we begin some sight words in class…which I will post later once we start for your information), but also to learn to follow along with the words while someone reads TO THEM. If they are comfortable with trying to read the story themselves, that is a great challenge for them! But it is not expected at kindergarten level to be reading (just an fyi for parents to be aware of!). On that first page, there are also a number of various activities to do during home reading.
2. The pink page is the log to keep track of the books they have brought home and read.
3. Please make sure that the Home Reading Books are kept in the plastic page protector pouch to avoid damage to the books.
4. Home Reading duotangs/books are to be returned the same days as your child’s library books are due.
Morning Class: Monday
Afternoon Class: Thursday

Please make sure that they are returned weekly.

Today’s challenge: the kids noticed that there were only 28 days in February when there are usually 30 or 31. My challenge to you (parents and kids) is to find out WHY there are only 28 days and report back to us tomorrow to share what you learned! Feel free to leave a comment below on this post too! 

Comfy Day & Science Centre Field Trip

Comfy Day has been moved to Thursday, November 17th. Pajamas are allowed! Please do not send any teddy bears and/or toys this day.

Here is some important information about our Science Centre Field Trip: 

~ We will be going to the Telus Spark Science Centre in December. These will be full day trips!

Thursday, December 1st– MORNING Kindergarten attends the Science Centre. There will be NO SCHOOL for the afternoon class.

~ Wednesday, December 14th– AFTERNOON Kindergarten attends the Science Centre. There will be NO SCHOOL for the morning

Both field trips will require ALL STUDENTS to be at school at 8:05 and come in for attendance. Please send a picnic lunch (easy and quick to eat) in a backpack to bring on the field trip. Both field trips will arrive back at school at 2:30. Please pick up your child at this time. Remember to let your day care/homes know about the different arrangements.

  • AM please return forms by Tuesday, November 22nd.
  • PM please return forms by Tuesday, December 6th.

If you would like to volunteer, there will be a spot on the form for you to fill out. We will need 3-5 volunteers per class. If we have too many volunteers, I will draw names and ensure that you will get a chance on the next field trip.

Alien In-line skating – volunteers will be needed for helping to tie skates. The schedule is not yet fully confirmed, so further information will be coming in the next couple days.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Comfy Spirit Day

Please note that Comfy Spirit Day has been changed to Thursday, November 17th.

Students may choose to wear anything that is comfy including PJs or sweatpants or onesies… whatever is their favourite comfy thing to wear!!