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Peek at the LAST WEEK

It is very hard to believe that the last week of school is here! Below is some information to be aware of through this last week:

*Corn Seed – last week at the Corn Maze, the kids each planted their own ornamental corn seed (if they participated in the seed planting activity). This is a real corn seed, but it supposedly grows the multicoloured kernel style ornamental corn that you can use for decoration. Just so you are aware that it is a real seed that can grow!

*If you have not already done so, please return any missing library books AND both the blue Home Reading Duotang WITH the home reading book ASAP. A friendly reminder email was sent out last week to those who still need to hand in their library book.

*Students will be bringing home their work from this past year on Wednesday this week (I think I previously said Tuesday). Please be sure to send a sturdy, reusable bag (preferable not a plastic grocery bag as they tend to be too small and rip easily from the sharp corners of the books) by Wednesday for your child to bring home their work.

*Wednesday we are having a year end pizza party in kindergarten! If you would like to send other food/snacks for your child you are welcome to.

*Thursday is the last day of school! Report cards will be sent home in your child’s backpack.

*Wednesday June 26 – Activity Day at 12:15 PM – kindergarten students are welcome to attend, however parents/guardians must stay with them the whole time and can not just drop them off unsupervised.

Class Updates

If you have not returned the report card envelope, please send it in your child’s mail bag on Monday.

Morning Drop-off – when dropping off your child in the morning, please make sure to stay with your child until they enter the school as there is no one supervising outside. The staff who is outside has other responsibilities and are not able to supervise your child. 

Home Reading

*All students are beginning with an A level book. As I read with each student, we will adjust as needed.
*At this point, Home Reading books are exchanged every Monday.
*Home Reading in kindergarten is intended as an activity done with a parent/guardian. The students are not expected to read the books independently at this stage.
*Repetition of a book is crucial for literacy development! If a student has “memorized” a book, that is okay! *Have your child point to each word as they read, rather than just saying all the words quickly.
*Do a letter hunt, where they need to find all the words that start with a specific letter. You could also do a word hunt of the high frequency words (ex. the, in, at, etc.).
*Encourage your child to “read” the book by looking at all the details in the picture.
*Ask questions through the book: What is happening in the picture? What do you think will happen next? What do you think this book will be about (before starting a new book). These all contribute to comprehension skills.

For more literacy ideas to support your child’s learning at home, check out the helpful tips and tricks tab or click on the link

Kindergarten Spring Performance

Thursday, April 11
Dress Rehearsal at 10:30 – families are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal (there will be much better seating!)
Students need to arrive at 6:00 pm and go to their classroom.
Performance begins at 6:30 pm.
Students do not need to wear a costume. They can wear their favourite spring outfit. The morning classes will be wearing chick headbands that are being made at school.
Students can be dismissed directly from the stage. If any students do come back to the classroom (to grab coats, etc.), please only send 1 person to get them as the hallways get very congested and squishy!

Zoo Field Trip

Permission forms and online payments due Wednesday, April 10th.
If you have a zoo pass for your child, please send it in by Wednesday, April 10th.
Drop off is at the regular time (8:00 am) and pick up is at the kindergarten doors at 2:30 pm.
We still need 2 volunteers, so if you have submitted a police check to the office and are able, we would love to have you!
If you are able to volunteer for the zoo field trip or any future field trips, please be aware that any younger children are not able to come along.

Home Reading

Last Thursday, a blue Home Reading duotang was sent home with your child. On the inside cover is some tips on HOW to read with your kindergartener, then some information about our home reading program, a table where you can record the books you have read, and finally a pouch page to store the book.

Home Reading duotangs and books are to be returned to school every Monday.

When sending the duotang to and from school, please make sure it is placed carefully in the Mail Bag to keep the books safe and protected. They come in a set and are very expensive to replace the whole set. Please be sure to take care of them!

Happy Reading together!

A few back-from-break updates

~ Thursday, March 2nd is Plaid Shirt Day!!

~ Home Reading:
1. New Home Reading duotangs went home with each student today. The very first page outlines what the Home Reading program looks like… it’s not very intense, so please don’t stress! We just really want the kids to practice and make a routine of regular reading with someone as it is a great “habit” to start! The kids are encouraged to challenge themselves by finding familiar words (as we begin some sight words in class…which I will post later once we start for your information), but also to learn to follow along with the words while someone reads TO THEM. If they are comfortable with trying to read the story themselves, that is a great challenge for them! But it is not expected at kindergarten level to be reading (just an fyi for parents to be aware of!). On that first page, there are also a number of various activities to do during home reading.
2. The pink page is the log to keep track of the books they have brought home and read.
3. Please make sure that the Home Reading Books are kept in the plastic page protector pouch to avoid damage to the books.
4. Home Reading duotangs/books are to be returned the same days as your child’s library books are due.
Morning Class: Monday
Afternoon Class: Thursday

Please make sure that they are returned weekly.

Today’s challenge: the kids noticed that there were only 28 days in February when there are usually 30 or 31. My challenge to you (parents and kids) is to find out WHY there are only 28 days and report back to us tomorrow to share what you learned! Feel free to leave a comment below on this post too!