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Zoo Field Trip Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Calgary Zoo and we all can’t wait! The weather looks beautiful too, so it will be a great day to be outside!

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow:

  • Please be sure to pack both healthy snacks AND a lunch for your child. A water bottle is also recommended as the students can use it throughout the day rather than a juice box.
  • Please sunscreen your child before coming to school.
  • Make sure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear for them to walk around the zoo all day.
  • Sending a hat and/or sunglasses would be a good option.
  • Dress your child appropriately for the weather. Layers is the primary style rule for Albertans, so a light jacket/sweater would be good.
  • Students will arrive at school as normal, but pick up will be at 2:30 pm at the kindergarten doors. If you haven’t notified your childcare provider about any changes, please do so before tomorrow.
  • If you have a zoo pass for your child and paid the appropriate fee, please be sure to send it with your child tomorrow if you haven’t done so already.
  • Volunteers – please make sure to come into the class first thing at 8:00 am to get your group lists and any information before meeting us at the zoo at 9:00 am. You may choose to drive yourself or carpool.See you all tomorrow!

A Couple Reminders…

Just a couple quick reminders:

Whether your family are Flames fans or not, tomorrow is jersey day! To celebrate the Flames first playoff game against the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow, students can wear their Flames gear (or any jersey if you don’t have a Flames one) or lots of RED!

Tomorrow is our Kindergarten Performance. The dress rehearsal will be at 10:30, where the kids will be performing in front of the Grade 1s and 2s. Families are welcome to attend the Dress Rehearsal. The evening performance begins at 6:30, but students are asked to arrive and head straight to their classroom at 6:00 pm. The doors will not open until 6, so come early to try and snag some good seats! The students don’t have costumes, but they are chicks (except for one who is a speckled frog) so if they want to wear more yellow to go with the chick theme, they are welcome to. But they don’t HAVE to. If they have a favourite outfit picked out already, they can absolutely wear that too!

Zoo Field Trip: next Wednesday, April 17th. If you haven’t paid yet, please do so ASAP. Also, please make sure that you send in your child’s zoo pass if you have one. I have a bag to keep them all together and safe. My understanding is that I need to show the staff when we get there any zoo passes when we check in. So even if you are volunteering, please send your child’s in so I have them altogether. On the day of the field trip, please make sure they arrive by 8:00 am as usual and then pick-up will be at the kinder doors at 2:30 pm. If they are late, they may miss the bus and we wouldn’t want that to happen! If you’re child goes to a child care provider, please contact them to let them know of any changes to the regular schedule. As we’re there all day, please pack adequate snacks AND a proper lunch for your child. Also ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather, including proper shoes for walking around the zoo all day. If it’s sunny, please make sure to apply sunscreen before they arrive at school, and it would be a good idea to send a hat too.

Zoo Field Trip Tomorrow

Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather. As this is Calgary, layers are ideal. Please make sure to:

  • send a full lunch with snacks is sent as we will be there all day.
  • proper footwear to walk around the zoo all day (as well as potential weather risks, aka. rain)
  • hat and/or sunglasses
  • sunscreen and/or bug spray (applied prior to coming to school)
  • proper backpack – please make sure only necessities are in the backpack so they aren’t heavy as the kids will be carrying them all day (not the teachers or parent volunteers)
  • change of clothes, including socks and underwear
  • light jacket or sweater
  • water bottle

Student drop-off for ALL students (both AM and PM) will be at the usual morning start time, 8:05 am. We will be returning to the school at 2:30, so you will be able to pick up your child then at the kindergarten doors. Please make sure to advise your childcare/daycare of the field trip tomorrow so they can arrange for pick-ups and drop-offs.

Zoo Field Trip

Our kindergarten field trip to the Calgary Zoo is quickly approaching next Thursday, June 15! That means that the deadline for forms and money is TOMORROW, June 6th. I am currently still missing 7 forms (reminder emails have been sent), so if you could please make sure those are handed in by tomorrow that would be great!

Please make sure ALL the required sections are filled out! 

If you have signed up to volunteer, you MUST have a police check on file at the school before you can come. If you do not, you will not be able to join us on the trip. If you are unsure, please call the office to check and make sure they have one on file.

All students need to arrive at the school at the regular school start time at 8:05 and pick-up will be at 2:45. Please make sure to inform your daycare/childcare or make arrangements ahead of time due to the irregular schedule for the day.

If you have a zoo pass, please send them in ASAP. If you are planning on using the zoo pass between now and June 15th, please just make sure to send it in by Monday, June 12th as we will be booking tickets. If we don’t have a zoo pass for your child, we will assume that they need a ticket.

May is here!

I can’t believe that it is already May and there are only 2 months left of school! May is a very busy month for us, so please carefully read through the following updates:

~ “Hats on for Mental Health Day” is Wednesday, May 3rd. Kids can wear any hat they want for the day.

~ Raffle Baskets for Family Dance: the morning class basket theme is “Summer Fun”, so if you can send in any donations for the basket by Wednesday, that would be great! Afternoon class theme is “Chocolate and Candy” so any donations would be great. We have only had a few donations for the afternoon class, so the more the better! All the money going towards the baskets goes to the Airdrie Food Bank, so the more the better!

~ Family Dance Night: Thursday, May 2nd from 6-8 pm. You MUST have a ticket in order to come, so make sure if you haven’t already handed in the forms, do so asap as there is a limited number of tickets available!

~ Kindergarten Spring Concert: Wednesday, May 17th at 6:30 pm. More information about costumes will be sent home soon.

~ No School May 19 and 22nd

~ Children’s Festival Field Trip: Thursday, May 25th. All forms and money due in by Thursday, May 18th. Please ensure that the bottom portion of the form is completely filled out, including your child’s name, method of payment, and signature. There will be both morning and afternoon classes attending at the same time, so the more volunteers we have the better!!!

~ Kindergarten Parent Orientation: Wednesday, May 31st from 6:30-7:30 at the school.

January Updates

Please carefully read the following updates and reminders specific to kindergarten. The general school newsletter should be coming out soon as well.

~ As the weather seems to be getting warmer (hopefully it lasts!!), we will be going to play outside more as long as it isn’t too cold. Even though it’s warm, please make sure to still send snowpants and gloves with your child as they often want to play on the massive snow piles and make snowman, making their hands cold and their pants wet.

~ The field trip forms were due last Friday, so if you have not yet sent in the form and paid online, please do so asap.

~ Field Trip: Our field trip next Tuesday is an in-class program put on by Teachers Pet organization (which means it will be at Ralph McCall, so we won’t be off-site). We still are in need of a couple more volunteers for both the morning and afternoon class, so if you are able to come (and have your police check handed in to the office) please let me know!!

~ We have started the Listening to Reading centre as a part of our Daily 5 literacy program and need headphones for each student. If you have not already sent in labelled headphones in a ziploc bag, please do so asap. 

~ Our kindergarten OT (Occupational Therapist) is starting to talk with all the kindergarten classes about recognizing and understanding different feelings (ex. sad, happy, excited, mad) and tools to use for each. Please see attached for further information about the Zones of Regulation program. This is also a program that is taught throughout each grade at Ralph McCall.

scanned letter and zones info

~ New book orders were sent home today and are due back by next Friday, January 27th. Please remember that these book orders make great gifts and also any orders submitted give the teacher/class bonus bucks to use towards more materials for the kids in class! So it’s a win/win 🙂

~ In our class, we are working on learning the different letters of the alphabet: upper and lower case, the sounds they make, and recognizing words that start with that letter. So far we have learned about M, S, T, B, F, C, R and A. We will also be learning about the letters L, P, O and D over the next few weeks.
CHALLENGE: try and find words that start with these letters at home! Show your parents how to write each of the letters, and don’t forget to always start your letters at the top!


Morning Volunteers Draw

As today is the deadline for Science Centre Field Trip for the morning class, I will do a draw for the volunteers who have already handed in the forms. If you still need to hand in forms, please send them in ASAP!

Cheryl Webster
Tamara Williamson
Jessica Crook
Kelsey Brockway

Thank you SO MUCH to all the parents who were willing to volunteer. I so wish that I could take any and all parent volunteers! Don’t worry though… we will have other opportunities coming up 🙂

Comfy Day & Science Centre Field Trip

Comfy Day has been moved to Thursday, November 17th. Pajamas are allowed! Please do not send any teddy bears and/or toys this day.

Here is some important information about our Science Centre Field Trip: 

~ We will be going to the Telus Spark Science Centre in December. These will be full day trips!

Thursday, December 1st– MORNING Kindergarten attends the Science Centre. There will be NO SCHOOL for the afternoon class.

~ Wednesday, December 14th– AFTERNOON Kindergarten attends the Science Centre. There will be NO SCHOOL for the morning

Both field trips will require ALL STUDENTS to be at school at 8:05 and come in for attendance. Please send a picnic lunch (easy and quick to eat) in a backpack to bring on the field trip. Both field trips will arrive back at school at 2:30. Please pick up your child at this time. Remember to let your day care/homes know about the different arrangements.

  • AM please return forms by Tuesday, November 22nd.
  • PM please return forms by Tuesday, December 6th.

If you would like to volunteer, there will be a spot on the form for you to fill out. We will need 3-5 volunteers per class. If we have too many volunteers, I will draw names and ensure that you will get a chance on the next field trip.

Alien In-line skating – volunteers will be needed for helping to tie skates. The schedule is not yet fully confirmed, so further information will be coming in the next couple days.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.