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Class Updates

Just a few updates:

*If your child is unable to do up their shoe/boot laces confidently on their own, please do not send them to school. Instead, send slip ons or velcro instead.

*I have a few things that need to be done, so if you are interested and available to help please comment below and let me know. Some things can be done in class, but for those working parents who would like to help out, it can be done at home too! Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

*I sent an email home today with the Alien In-Line skating information letter. We will be starting next week, so it is important to read all the information prior to Monday. Our class is scheduled to skate on May 8, 13 & 16. Protective gear is provided, however it is highly recommended to bring their own helmets. A regular bike helmet is great! Click on the link to view a video about the program

Alien Skating Parent Letter

*We will be hosting some eggs in kindergarten and we are all VERY excited and curious to see what will hatch! We read the book “What Will Hatch?” and journaled our predictions of what will hatch. My personal favourite is baby crocodiles… so we’ll have to wait and see!