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Peek at the Week

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had another great week at school and a wonderful weekend together with your families!

This last week was another busy one! We have lots going on over the next few weeks especially, so our days have been jam packed. We are continuing to work on sorting in math by using one attribute and some even try to challenge themselves by using two attributes!

We are also continuing to learn more “Frog Jump Letters”; this week focusing on R and N. The kids had a good time learning what a Narwhal is and what a funny looking creature they are with their long unicorn-style horn…. which we learned is actually a long tooth! So far they have learned how to properly print both upper and lower case letters for Ff Ee Dd Pp Bb Rr Nn. Don’t forget to always start your letters at the top! 

This week we talked more about what the word “unique” means and how being unique is something special to each of us. We read the story “Chrysanthemum” about a little girl who had a unique name, but was something that made her very special. The kids brought home a sheet to fill out with their parents about what their name is and where it came from. Each of our parents chose our names special for us and it’s always interesting where the names came from! Please send the Name Homework tomorrow in your child’s mailbag if you haven’t done so already. The kids will start sharing about their names over the next couple days.

The class started learning about Daily 5 in December and we have continued to practice the first part this week. The kids learned about what a Good Choice book is, what is expected of us when we Read to Self, and then actually practiced choosing books, finding a spot around the class and reading on our own. So far as a whole class, we’re sitting at around 2.5 minutes where EVERYONE is on task the whole time, and we’re going to continue working on building stamina to read even longer! We’ll continue practicing Read to Self, choose books for their own book bins, and soon will open a new Listen to Reading centre! I am going to need a couple class librarians to help make sure the class library stays tidy and organized, so I’m going to be looking for kids who regularly treat books respectfully, are responsible, make good choices, and are willing to help!

Coming Up…

– Name Homework due Tomorrow!
– Book Orders due Thursday, January 24th
– Word Day on January 28th – Students will dress like something that starts with the same letter as their name
– Monday: Reading Buddies with 3Peterson
– Tuesday: Library and Music

Challenge: tell your parents what a Good Choice book is and what are some Good Choice books for you! 

January Updates

Please carefully read the following updates and reminders specific to kindergarten. The general school newsletter should be coming out soon as well.

~ As the weather seems to be getting warmer (hopefully it lasts!!), we will be going to play outside more as long as it isn’t too cold. Even though it’s warm, please make sure to still send snowpants and gloves with your child as they often want to play on the massive snow piles and make snowman, making their hands cold and their pants wet.

~ The field trip forms were due last Friday, so if you have not yet sent in the form and paid online, please do so asap.

~ Field Trip: Our field trip next Tuesday is an in-class program put on by Teachers Pet organization (which means it will be at Ralph McCall, so we won’t be off-site). We still are in need of a couple more volunteers for both the morning and afternoon class, so if you are able to come (and have your police check handed in to the office) please let me know!!

~ We have started the Listening to Reading centre as a part of our Daily 5 literacy program and need headphones for each student. If you have not already sent in labelled headphones in a ziploc bag, please do so asap. 

~ Our kindergarten OT (Occupational Therapist) is starting to talk with all the kindergarten classes about recognizing and understanding different feelings (ex. sad, happy, excited, mad) and tools to use for each. Please see attached for further information about the Zones of Regulation program. This is also a program that is taught throughout each grade at Ralph McCall.

scanned letter and zones info

~ New book orders were sent home today and are due back by next Friday, January 27th. Please remember that these book orders make great gifts and also any orders submitted give the teacher/class bonus bucks to use towards more materials for the kids in class! So it’s a win/win 🙂

~ In our class, we are working on learning the different letters of the alphabet: upper and lower case, the sounds they make, and recognizing words that start with that letter. So far we have learned about M, S, T, B, F, C, R and A. We will also be learning about the letters L, P, O and D over the next few weeks.
CHALLENGE: try and find words that start with these letters at home! Show your parents how to write each of the letters, and don’t forget to always start your letters at the top!



Over the last couple weeks, we have been starting the Daily 5 literacy program. We have so far only looked at Read to Self, and are practicing improving independent reading stamina (so far we are at about 2 minutes). One of the next Daily 5 centres we will be introducing is Listen to Reading. We have a number of books on CD for the kids to listen along to a book as they read. For this centre, each student will need to bring in their own headphones. Please send in some headphones that are labeled with your child’s name by Tuesday, December 6th. If they are small, please send them in a ziplock bag (again, labeled with the name).