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Peek @ the Week

This week was another busy one, but learned many new things along with practicing things we have already learned. The kids have been practicing printing their names for a long time, but now we’re upping the game a bit by learning to print their names with proper title case (first letter is uppercase and the rest are lower case). This is something they can practice at home too! Also don’t forget to start ALL your letters from the top!!

Ms. Smiley, our student teacher from Mount Royal University, taught another lesson about jobs and how they help our community. The kids then journaled about a job by drawing an action that the job requires. Some drew police officers catching bad guys or handing out speeding tickets; bakers baking cakes for people to eat in case they didn’t have the ingredients or the time to make one themselves…. many creative ideas! I am definitely looking forward to our Community Day in a couple weeks where the kids will learn more about different jobs and how they impact our community.

Important Info

* For our Spring Concert on Thursday, April 11th, we need some headbands made for the kids to wear. If you are able to volunteer to help with this, please email me!

* Since the weather is looking rather AMAZING next week, we will hopefully be able to go outside to play and enjoy the sun. Please make sure that your child has an extra pair of clothes/socks in their backpacks in case of puddle incidents!

Coming Up…

March 18 – NO SCHOOL!
March 19 – Music and Library
March 21 – Crazy Sock Day in support of Down Syndrome Awareness Day!
March 27 – Community Day
March 28 – Report Cards go home


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