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This week we continued to work on sorting rules by one attribute, like colour, size and shape. Some of the kids tried to challenge themselves by sorting by a different attribute each time, and some came up with some really cool sorting rules! We are going to continue next week by sorting them ourselves using an attribute, but also identifying WHAT the rule is when it’s already sorted!

We also continued talking more about ways that make us unique. The kids all presented their Special Name homework about what their name means and where it came from. It was so interesting to learn where everyones names came from! Some were cultural, some were generational, some had special meanings… but all were chosen SPECIAL for each child which is what makes us unique! We also journaled about each of our special interests: some were interested in sharks, science, unicorns, gumballs, puppies, kittens, how mail is delivered, nature and many more! I’m going to have to raid my own library at home to bring in some books on these topics for the kids to learn more!!

Coming Up:

– Monday January 28: Dress Like a Word Day – choose something that starts with the same letter as your name (ex. Alex could dress up like an Apple)
– Tuesday January 29: Library (don’t forget your books!) and Music
– Wednesday January 30: School Talent Show at 1pm

Have a great weekend with your families!

Mrs. Plett

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