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Peek @ the Week(s)

Things have been busy in kindergarten the last couple weeks!

We have continued to learn more letters, so now we have learned how to print the upper & lowercase and also how the letter sounds for the following: F E D P B R N M H K L U V W X and Y. Continuing to practice these letters at home is a great way to reinforce concepts learned at school!

Subitizing is a fancy word for recognizing an amount without counting it individually (for example, using dice). The kids enjoy playing dice war with their friends! We are also going to start learning more about numbers 1-10 and how they can be represented in different ways (tally marks, 10 frames, etc.)

This last week, we started learning about our community with our student teacher, Ms. Smiley. We started with brainstorming what we already know or think about communities, what kinds of things we see and jobs around our community, and why they are important to our community. Ms. Smiley gave the kids a challenge to learn what their parents do for their jobs and how it can help our community. With your child, leave a comment below explaining what they learned about your (parents/grandparents) job and we can share it with the class next week!

Coming Up
– A few parents were having trouble receiving confirmation emails for subscription to the blog. I contacted the IT people and hopefully has been fixed. If you still haven’t received an email confirming your subscription, please let me know and I’ll fix it for you.

– TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND! Don’t forget to SPRING AHEAD an hour on Saturday night!

– Home Reading will be sent home hopefully this next week!

– Community Day Form – a form was sent home this week looking for parents who would be willing to participate in our Community Day and share about their job. Please return the bottom half of the form (keep the top half so you have the information!) by Wednesday, March 13th!

– Tuesday: library and music

Peek @ the Week

I would say I’m tired of this cold weather, but we have been so spoiled so far! However, this cold weather can move on now…

I hope everyone has had a great week, despite the bitter cold! I can’t believe January is already done… and we’re nearly halfway through February! This week was Parent/Teacher Conferences, and it was great to meet some of you. For those who I haven’t officially met yet, please know that if you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or anything I am very open so contact me at any time! I may not respond on the weekends, but I will get back to you ASAP 🙂

Over the last couple weeks, we have wrapped up our sorting unit, where the kids learned to sort various items into groups based on a sorting rule (ex. I sorted them based on colour/shape/size/etc). They also needed to identify what the sorting rule was from presorted groups…. which was sometimes a bit trickier! This is something they can continue to practice at home as they will continue to do sorting and more in Grade 1. This week, we learned a new word: SUBITIZING. A big word that lots of adults don’t even know about! Ask your child what it means and see if they can tell you 🙂 We will be playing lots of fun games with dice and cards to practice subitizing. There is a Subitizing Game in the Games & Activities tab at the top menu bar. 

Daily 5 – We have been practicing Read to Self during Daily 5 times and building up stamina to stay on task the whole time. So far we are at 4 minutes as whole group, and will continue to practice! We have also been learning about choosing Good Choice Books for the kids book boxes, that they can change as needed. I have a MASSIVE library of my own at home, so leave a comment below with books and topics that interest you, and I’ll try and bring some to school!
Some parents have asked about reading with their kids at home. In kindergarten, it is not in the curriculum to learn how to read, however reading is SO IMPORTANT and can be done in many ways! Under the “Helpful Resources” tab in the menu bar, click on “Tips and Tricks for Parents” and there a number of ways you can read with your child at home. One way that isn’t mentioned there is to do a letter hunt through the book. We are learning different letters (uppercase, lower case and sounds) in class, so they can even choose a letter and then do a hunt through the book to find words that start with that letter. Lots of ideas! But regular reading at home is a very important habit to start now to help foster a love for reading!

I Am Unique – we will continue working on our Cree Star Blankets by drawing something that is unique to each of us on the diamonds that will be used to create the star. This last week, they kids designed 2 diamonds with something that they were interested in. The remaining diamonds will be a self-portrait, country they are from, favourite colour, name, and talents/gifts. These would be great to talk about at home to continue the conversation from school as well as help your child have a good understanding about themselves and what makes them unique/special.

Coming Up:
* Tuesday, Feb. 12 – Library & Music
* Thursday, Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day – students can bring in cards for all of the students in the class and we will have a class party. Snacks will be provided.
* Friday, Feb. 15 – NO SCHOOL (Professional Learning Day for staff)
* Feb. 18-22 – NO SCHOOL (Winter Break)

Peek at the Week

This week we continued to work on sorting rules by one attribute, like colour, size and shape. Some of the kids tried to challenge themselves by sorting by a different attribute each time, and some came up with some really cool sorting rules! We are going to continue next week by sorting them ourselves using an attribute, but also identifying WHAT the rule is when it’s already sorted!

We also continued talking more about ways that make us unique. The kids all presented their Special Name homework about what their name means and where it came from. It was so interesting to learn where everyones names came from! Some were cultural, some were generational, some had special meanings… but all were chosen SPECIAL for each child which is what makes us unique! We also journaled about each of our special interests: some were interested in sharks, science, unicorns, gumballs, puppies, kittens, how mail is delivered, nature and many more! I’m going to have to raid my own library at home to bring in some books on these topics for the kids to learn more!!

Coming Up:

– Monday January 28: Dress Like a Word Day – choose something that starts with the same letter as your name (ex. Alex could dress up like an Apple)
– Tuesday January 29: Library (don’t forget your books!) and Music
– Wednesday January 30: School Talent Show at 1pm

Have a great weekend with your families!

Mrs. Plett

Peek at the Week

Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had another great week at school and a wonderful weekend together with your families!

This last week was another busy one! We have lots going on over the next few weeks especially, so our days have been jam packed. We are continuing to work on sorting in math by using one attribute and some even try to challenge themselves by using two attributes!

We are also continuing to learn more “Frog Jump Letters”; this week focusing on R and N. The kids had a good time learning what a Narwhal is and what a funny looking creature they are with their long unicorn-style horn…. which we learned is actually a long tooth! So far they have learned how to properly print both upper and lower case letters for Ff Ee Dd Pp Bb Rr Nn. Don’t forget to always start your letters at the top! 

This week we talked more about what the word “unique” means and how being unique is something special to each of us. We read the story “Chrysanthemum” about a little girl who had a unique name, but was something that made her very special. The kids brought home a sheet to fill out with their parents about what their name is and where it came from. Each of our parents chose our names special for us and it’s always interesting where the names came from! Please send the Name Homework tomorrow in your child’s mailbag if you haven’t done so already. The kids will start sharing about their names over the next couple days.

The class started learning about Daily 5 in December and we have continued to practice the first part this week. The kids learned about what a Good Choice book is, what is expected of us when we Read to Self, and then actually practiced choosing books, finding a spot around the class and reading on our own. So far as a whole class, we’re sitting at around 2.5 minutes where EVERYONE is on task the whole time, and we’re going to continue working on building stamina to read even longer! We’ll continue practicing Read to Self, choose books for their own book bins, and soon will open a new Listen to Reading centre! I am going to need a couple class librarians to help make sure the class library stays tidy and organized, so I’m going to be looking for kids who regularly treat books respectfully, are responsible, make good choices, and are willing to help!

Coming Up…

– Name Homework due Tomorrow!
– Book Orders due Thursday, January 24th
– Word Day on January 28th – Students will dress like something that starts with the same letter as their name
– Monday: Reading Buddies with 3Peterson
– Tuesday: Library and Music

Challenge: tell your parents what a Good Choice book is and what are some Good Choice books for you! 

Peek at the Week 2.0

Welcome to our class blog! We have survived the first week back to school; getting back into old routines, getting to know each other more, and it has been so fun! I am so excited to be back with all of you and look forward to the next 6 months with you all!

This week we started talking about sorting, which is the next unit we will be focusing on in math. We first played a game where the students sorted themselves into groups based on hair colour, length of hair, and eye colour. The next day, the students went on a Wonder Walk around the classroom looking for how are classroom was sorted. They made some very good observations! It made us stop and think about how CRAZY the classroom would be if there wasn’t anything sorted or organized!

Weekend Challenge: Your challenge for this weekend is to do a Wonder Walk around your own house with your family members to see how things in your houses are sorted.

Leave a comment below with some sorting ideas you found on your Wonder Walk! 

~ Mrs. Plett

100th Day Party – Thursday

We have finally reached the 100th day of school for kindergarten!! We will have different activities planned, and one of them is counting by 10s to 100. For that, we will need some different snacks/candies. Please click on the link below to sign up to send in one of the different items we will need.

Morning Class Sign-Up:

Afternoon Class Sign-Up:

Thank you!

Check It Out!

Check out the new menu option ‘Games & Activities’!

More will be added as I find any that might be good to try and play at home, so keep checking!

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a great Christmas break and a happy new year!

As  we are getting back into the swing of things, here are few updates about what all is happening over the next few weeks:

Library: PLEASE remember to send your child’s library books in their Home Bag each library day (AM – Monday; PM – Thursday)

Headphones: If you haven’t already done so, please send in some headphones that have your child’s name on them, in a ziploc bag next week.

Letters: We have already learned about the letters T, F, M, S, C, B and A. We have practiced writing both upper and lower case forms, saying the sounds each letter makes, and have even started to use these letters to form words, sound them out, and see if they make sense or not. They were SO excited to realize that they were able to actually make and read a word all on their own! One boy even said, “I didn’t know I was so smart!!!” How awesome is that?!

Numbers: We have been playing lots of games with dice to practice subitizing (recognizing amounts of numbers without having to count each time). This is a skill that is very important to have heading into each grade as it is foundational for numeracy development. Playing games at home with dice would be a fun way to practice math at home too! We will also begin writing and continuing to recognize amounts of numbers all the way up to 20 throughout the rest of the year. I will try to find some cool games that you can print off or play at home and share them with you in the Helpful Resources menu.

Teachers Pet Field Trip: Forms will be sent home for the next 2 hour in-class field trip on January 31st through the Teachers Pet Educational Services who brings a field trip to our own class. We will be learning about First Nations legends and games, and will even get to make our own dreamcatcher! Parent volunteers are needed (4-5) so if you are able or interested, we would love to have you! And the great part about this is that there doesn’t have to be a max amount…. so if we have more than 5, that is alright!
AM Class – 9 am
PM Class – 12:30 pm
Forms and online payment is due next Friday, January 20th. 

Community Guest Speakers: In the next few months, we are going to be learning about our communities, and a significant part of that are the community workers. My hope is to bring in many different members of our community who do all sorts of various jobs to share with the kids. In class, we will be learning about wonders, inquiries, how to ask questions, how to actively listen to someone else, how to interview someone to learn from them, etc. so this will be a fun way to practice their skills while at the same time, learning more about all the various important jobs! These may be parents, family members, friends, or just anyone in the community who would be willing to be interviewed by sweet little kinders and share about their jobs. If you would be interested in doing this, please let me know via email and I will connect with you with more information.