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Our Community

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning more about our community: the places we see/have in our community, the kinds of jobs that are in our community, and activities that we participate in. Tomorrow is our Community Day where there will be a few people presenting and sharing their job with the kids.

Home Challenge: over the next couple days, talk with your child about your job(s). Share with them what your job is called, what you do, and how it helps our community. Please leave a comment below with your job info you talked about with your child and then we will share them together as a class! 

Peek @ the Week(s)

Things have been busy in kindergarten the last couple weeks!

We have continued to learn more letters, so now we have learned how to print the upper & lowercase and also how the letter sounds for the following: F E D P B R N M H K L U V W X and Y. Continuing to practice these letters at home is a great way to reinforce concepts learned at school!

Subitizing is a fancy word for recognizing an amount without counting it individually (for example, using dice). The kids enjoy playing dice war with their friends! We are also going to start learning more about numbers 1-10 and how they can be represented in different ways (tally marks, 10 frames, etc.)

This last week, we started learning about our community with our student teacher, Ms. Smiley. We started with brainstorming what we already know or think about communities, what kinds of things we see and jobs around our community, and why they are important to our community. Ms. Smiley gave the kids a challenge to learn what their parents do for their jobs and how it can help our community. With your child, leave a comment below explaining what they learned about your (parents/grandparents) job and we can share it with the class next week!

Coming Up
– A few parents were having trouble receiving confirmation emails for subscription to the blog. I contacted the IT people and hopefully has been fixed. If you still haven’t received an email confirming your subscription, please let me know and I’ll fix it for you.

– TIME CHANGE THIS WEEKEND! Don’t forget to SPRING AHEAD an hour on Saturday night!

– Home Reading will be sent home hopefully this next week!

– Community Day Form – a form was sent home this week looking for parents who would be willing to participate in our Community Day and share about their job. Please return the bottom half of the form (keep the top half so you have the information!) by Wednesday, March 13th!

– Tuesday: library and music

Peek at the Week 2.0

Welcome to our class blog! We have survived the first week back to school; getting back into old routines, getting to know each other more, and it has been so fun! I am so excited to be back with all of you and look forward to the next 6 months with you all!

This week we started talking about sorting, which is the next unit we will be focusing on in math. We first played a game where the students sorted themselves into groups based on hair colour, length of hair, and eye colour. The next day, the students went on a Wonder Walk around the classroom looking for how are classroom was sorted. They made some very good observations! It made us stop and think about how CRAZY the classroom would be if there wasn’t anything sorted or organized!

Weekend Challenge: Your challenge for this weekend is to do a Wonder Walk around your own house with your family members to see how things in your houses are sorted.

Leave a comment below with some sorting ideas you found on your Wonder Walk! 

~ Mrs. Plett