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Important Updates and Information

Wednesday:  Kindergarten Performance

The performance starts at 6:30, so please make sure that your child is at the school at 6:00 pm to get prepared and lined up. Please drop off your child at our class, then you can go and find spots. School doors won’t open until 6pm, so make sure you get here early to line up to get good spots!

Grandparents and other special guests are also absolutely welcome to come watch!

Our class are cows, so all they will need to is to wear black and white unless you want to “cow-ify” them up a bit! But that doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy a cow costume!! Black and white will do! The only kids who won’t be wearing black and white is Mackenzie P. (am class) and Aislynn (pm class) as they are the chicks and will need to wear yellow.

*PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL IN THEIR BLACK/WHITE OR YELLOW OUTFIT as we will be doing dress rehearsal performances for the school! Families are also welcome to come watch during these performances if unable to attend the evening performance at 6:30.


May 25th:  Children’s Festival Field Trip

This field trip is for both the morning and afternoon classes so THERE WILL BE NO AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN ON THURSDAY, MAY 25th!!

Please drop off your child at the regular kindergarten door at 8:05 (afternoon parents make note of the time changes!!) and then pick up at our doors at 12:15 pm.

We are just going from the bus to the theatre and back to the bus (we won’t be wandering around downtown, so not to worry!!!), so all that the kids will need is their lunch kit with a very simple, easy snack. Please do not send fruit cups or majorly crumbly/messy snacks as students are normally not allowed to eat on the bus, but will likely have to for this particular occasion. No backpacks are needed…. just lunch kits so we can easily carry them in a bin (backpacks get a little bulky to haul around and there isn’t extra room on the bus).

Again, I apologize to any parents who wanted to volunteer but were unable to this time. Unfortunately as it is in a theatre with minimal seating, we are only allowed to bring 5 volunteers. But a HUGE thank you to all of those parents who were willing to take the time to come with us! I am so grateful for that! We will be going to the Calgary Zoo in June, so there is still an opportunity to volunteer with our class! 


Thursday:  Scholastic Book Order

The book order catalogue that was sent home last week is the June catalogue, which means it is the last one for the year! As it takes a couple weeks for the order to arrive, the deadline for any book orders is this Thursday, May 18th. If you would like any summer reading, or year end kinder graduation gift ideas, or summer birthdays, these are a great option with free shipping and delivery!!


May Long Weekend 

This Friday there is no school due to a school Professional Learning day, and of course Monday is Victoria Day, so you all get to enjoy a 4-day weekend!! Hopefully it’s not a classic May Long Weekend and instead will have nothing but sun 🙂


Recess and Outside Play

We are starting to take the kids out during recess with the rest of the school in order to prepare and help them be comfortable for next year. For the next couple weeks, we will be going out with them, and then in June we will be sending them out just as if they were in Grade 1. If you would prefer for them to have sunscreen on, please make sure to apply prior to sending to school as we will not be putting sunscreen on the kids.



As many of our kinder students have very overdue books, our last day to sign out books will be the beginning of June to allow Mrs. Helston time to track down and have all her library books returned. If you are one of those families, please thoroughly check at home and return any missing library books as soon as possible otherwise a fee will sent home.


Kindergarten Musical Performance

Our Kinder performance is next Wednesday night, May 17th at 6:30 pm. The students will need to arrive at the school at 6:00 pm in order to get set up and organized before showtime.

If you are unable to come watch the performance at the 6:30 pm time, there will be 2 dress rehearsals during the school day on May 17th as well that you are able to attend:

~ Morning Class – 10:30-11:30 am in the gym

~ Afternoon Class – 1:30-2:30 pm in the gym

Mrs. Plett’s classes are cows, so they are going to need to wear black and white. If you have a cow costume, you can wear it, but if you don’t have one that is okay! The kids only need to wear black and white. They will have a cow hat to wear, but that will be made at school.

Any other questions? Just send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer!

Yogurt Lids

Later this week we will be doing an art project with plasticine and need some yogurt lids to be our “canvas”. If you have any at home that are about to be recycled, please send them in! If you have just one for your own child, that is great…. if you have more, we could use them!


Leaf Man

Later this week, we will be reading a story and doing an activity to create our own Leaf Man! We will be dressing warm (I will give a verbal reminder to the kids, as well as a reminder blog post) to go for a walk around the school to collect leaves of all different colours. However, there are only a limited amount of leaves and colours on our school property, so if your family goes for a walk together or if you’re playing outside, please collect as many different shapes and colours of leaves and send them in a ziploc bag. After we use them to create our Leaf Man, we will be reusing the leaves for an amazing science experiment! So the more awesome colours, the better!

Please send in the leaves on Wednesday, October 26th

Thank you for your support, and enjoy some family time leaf hunting outside!!

Challenge: while you’re leaf hunting, tell your parents about the colours you see! What colours make an orange leaf? What colours make green? What about the brown leaves?? 

Twin Day & Colour Boards

Tomorrow, Thursday October 13th at Ralph McCall is Twin Day!!! In our class, we are all going to wear fall colours: red, orange and yellow. We decided too that the girls will wear our hair in a ponytail too!

Also, thank you to those who have already brought in items for our colour boards! If you haven’t sent any in yet, please send in an item from your house that you are willing to donate (you won’t be getting it back!) for our colour boards.

Colour Collage

This month in Kindergarten we are learning about colours! We need your help at home to find some small coloured objects to donate, which we will use to create a colour collage. Please help your child find one object of each colour of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple). They should have 6 small items to bring to school next week. Please make sure that these objects are small and something that your child is not going to need back as we are going to attach them to a canvas with glue.

Here are some ideas for small objects:

– Buttons – Lego – Crayons
– Fake Flowers – Blocks – Beads
– Feathers – Pen Lids – Pebbles


And those are just a few ideas… if you find other items that would work, please send them in! The more diverse items we have for each colour the better! We will need all 6 of these items by Thursday, October 13 to start our art project.

Here is an example of what it will look like: