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Peek at the LAST WEEK

It is very hard to believe that the last week of school is here! Below is some information to be aware of through this last week:

*Corn Seed – last week at the Corn Maze, the kids each planted their own ornamental corn seed (if they participated in the seed planting activity). This is a real corn seed, but it supposedly grows the multicoloured kernel style ornamental corn that you can use for decoration. Just so you are aware that it is a real seed that can grow!

*If you have not already done so, please return any missing library books AND both the blue Home Reading Duotang WITH the home reading book ASAP. A friendly reminder email was sent out last week to those who still need to hand in their library book.

*Students will be bringing home their work from this past year on Wednesday this week (I think I previously said Tuesday). Please be sure to send a sturdy, reusable bag (preferable not a plastic grocery bag as they tend to be too small and rip easily from the sharp corners of the books) by Wednesday for your child to bring home their work.

*Wednesday we are having a year end pizza party in kindergarten! If you would like to send other food/snacks for your child you are welcome to.

*Thursday is the last day of school! Report cards will be sent home in your child’s backpack.

*Wednesday June 26 – Activity Day at 12:15 PM – kindergarten students are welcome to attend, however parents/guardians must stay with them the whole time and can not just drop them off unsupervised.

Calgary Corn Maze

Tomorrow is our last field trip and we are all very excited!

It looks like tomorrow is going to be hot and gorgeous, so please make sure your child is properly prepared for tomorrow.
– apply sunscreen BEFORE school
– hat and/or sunglasses
– proper footwear (socks and shoes are a good idea)
– snacks AND lunch
– water bottle
– please do not send money for special snacks from the food booths
– light jacket or sweater just in case

Peek at the Last Couple Weeks

Calgary Corn Maze – Wednesday June 12
– drop off is at the regular time at the kindergarten doors (as per usual)
– pick up is at 2:30 PM at the kindergarten doors. We will wait with any kids who can’t be picked up until 2:45 when school is normally done. Please make any necessary arrangements for your child as needed (daycare, dayhome, etc).
please be sure to check the weather so your child is dressed appropriately for the weather as we will likely be outside for most of the day: layers, jackets/sweaters, hats, proper shoes (in case of mud, rain, puddles, etc.), sunscreen (applied at home before coming to school).
– please send a good lunch AND snacks for your child as we will be at the Corn Maze all day.
– please send a water bottle for your child.

**Please send a large reusable bag on MONDAY, JUNE 17 for your child’s school things to bring home.

Transition Morning – Wednesday June 19
– every class in the school gets to rotate through each of the classes of their next grade. Our kinder kids will have the opportunity to meet the other Grade 1 teachers, get a sneak peak at the things they’ll get to do next year, and have a look at the Grade 1 classrooms.

Pizza Party – Wednesday June 19
– as a special treat for the kiddos, we will have a pizza party to celebrate our final days in Kindergarten together!

Last Day of School – Thursday June 20
– report cards will be sent home with your child.

Activity Day – Wednesday June 26
12:15 – 2:15 PM
– Even though kindergarten is technically finished, students are still welcome to join in on the fun at Activity Day at Ralph McCall!
– If your child would like to participate in Activity Day, please be aware that a parent/caregiver must stay with them the whole time. They can not be dropped off.

Call for Playdough!

Hey everyone! I am hoping to use playdough for a couple activities over the next couple weeks, but the stuff we currently have is in its final days. We could use maybe 3 new recipes of playdough, so if you are able to help, please leave a comment below! I do have a great recipe to use as well (see below).

1 cup flour
2 tsp. cream of tartar
1 cup water (or a little more)
1/2 cup salt
1 Tbsp oil
food colour

Cook and stir over medium heat continuously until it forms a ball. Knead on floured counter until elastic and smooth. Keep in a plastic container with lid. Will last a long time.

Peek at the Week

Earlier this year, the kids learned about 2D or “flat” shapes. Today we started looking at 3D or “fat” shapes. We did a hunt around our classroom for some 3D shapes, then went on a walk around the school to find even more! The kids challenge today is to find some 3D shapes at home to share with the class tomorrow. Please leave a comment below with some of the items you found together and what the 3D shape is! 

Field trip forms and payment (online please!) is due this Wednesday, June 5th. The field trip to the Calgary Corn Maze is next Wednesday, June 12.

Book order deadline is this Thursday, June 6. Check your child’s mailbag today for the book order.

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL  – Last day of school for kindergarten is Thursday, June 20th and Report Cards will be sent home then with your child.


Class Updates

Who else has been enjoying the beautiful days this week?! Next to the sunny weather, we have some new baby chicks that have FINALLY hatched! Unfortunately, they chose to make their grand appearance after the morning classes had left, but thanks to the other teachers, we got some pictures and a video of one trying to break out of it’s shell! Check out our class twitter page to see the baby chicks and the video

Coming Up:

*Monday – Home Reading book swap

*Tuesday – Library and Music

*Wednesday, May 29 – Bring a toonie for an ice cream treat! All the proceeds go towards purchasing fruit for students who need healthy snack during school next year. Don’t worry if you forget on Wednesday though… you can always bring your toonie on Thursday as long as there are some left!

*Wednesday, May 29 – Celebration of Learning from 4-7pm. Come see what we have been doing in class!

*Calgary Corn Maze field trip forms will be sent home soon, so watch for that! It’s scheduled for June 12th, so mark your calendars!


Kinder Updates

We have had an exciting time in kindergarten this week! We got a surprise of some eggs that are being kept in an incubator to kick off our new inquiry into eggs and the life cycle of a chicken! We didn’t know what animal/creature the eggs belonged to at first and brainstormed some cool ideas: snake, sea turtle, lamb, chick, crocodile, rabbit, penguin, platypus, snake and butterfly. We also started drawing diagrams of our observations and are currently on Day 7 of the incubation period. We can’t wait to see how much the chick has changed by next week!

A couple updates:

  • The Calgary Reads Book Sale is a FANTASTIC opportunity to add to your home selection at the same time supporting an amazing organization to help early readers! It’s this weekend May 10-12.
  • In-Line skating is Monday and Thursday next week, so please don’t forget to send helmets!
  • NO SCHOOL next Friday May 17th and Monday May 20th
  • Walk and Wheelie Wednesday – this is a school-wide initiative to encourage families to ditch the vehicles and walk or ride your bikes/skateboards/scooters to school on Wednesdays! Feel free to do the same on the other days too though 🙂

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating your Moms, Grandmothers or Mom-figures in your life! Happy Mothers Day!

~ Mrs. Plett

Class Updates

Just a few updates:

*If your child is unable to do up their shoe/boot laces confidently on their own, please do not send them to school. Instead, send slip ons or velcro instead.

*I have a few things that need to be done, so if you are interested and available to help please comment below and let me know. Some things can be done in class, but for those working parents who would like to help out, it can be done at home too! Thank you SO MUCH in advance!

*I sent an email home today with the Alien In-Line skating information letter. We will be starting next week, so it is important to read all the information prior to Monday. Our class is scheduled to skate on May 8, 13 & 16. Protective gear is provided, however it is highly recommended to bring their own helmets. A regular bike helmet is great! Click on the link to view a video about the program

Alien Skating Parent Letter

*We will be hosting some eggs in kindergarten and we are all VERY excited and curious to see what will hatch! We read the book “What Will Hatch?” and journaled our predictions of what will hatch. My personal favourite is baby crocodiles… so we’ll have to wait and see!



Zoo Field Trip Tomorrow!!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Calgary Zoo and we all can’t wait! The weather looks beautiful too, so it will be a great day to be outside!

Just a couple reminders for tomorrow:

  • Please be sure to pack both healthy snacks AND a lunch for your child. A water bottle is also recommended as the students can use it throughout the day rather than a juice box.
  • Please sunscreen your child before coming to school.
  • Make sure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear for them to walk around the zoo all day.
  • Sending a hat and/or sunglasses would be a good option.
  • Dress your child appropriately for the weather. Layers is the primary style rule for Albertans, so a light jacket/sweater would be good.
  • Students will arrive at school as normal, but pick up will be at 2:30 pm at the kindergarten doors. If you haven’t notified your childcare provider about any changes, please do so before tomorrow.
  • If you have a zoo pass for your child and paid the appropriate fee, please be sure to send it with your child tomorrow if you haven’t done so already.
  • Volunteers – please make sure to come into the class first thing at 8:00 am to get your group lists and any information before meeting us at the zoo at 9:00 am. You may choose to drive yourself or carpool.See you all tomorrow!

A Couple Reminders…

Just a couple quick reminders:

Whether your family are Flames fans or not, tomorrow is jersey day! To celebrate the Flames first playoff game against the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow, students can wear their Flames gear (or any jersey if you don’t have a Flames one) or lots of RED!

Tomorrow is our Kindergarten Performance. The dress rehearsal will be at 10:30, where the kids will be performing in front of the Grade 1s and 2s. Families are welcome to attend the Dress Rehearsal. The evening performance begins at 6:30, but students are asked to arrive and head straight to their classroom at 6:00 pm. The doors will not open until 6, so come early to try and snag some good seats! The students don’t have costumes, but they are chicks (except for one who is a speckled frog) so if they want to wear more yellow to go with the chick theme, they are welcome to. But they don’t HAVE to. If they have a favourite outfit picked out already, they can absolutely wear that too!

Zoo Field Trip: next Wednesday, April 17th. If you haven’t paid yet, please do so ASAP. Also, please make sure that you send in your child’s zoo pass if you have one. I have a bag to keep them all together and safe. My understanding is that I need to show the staff when we get there any zoo passes when we check in. So even if you are volunteering, please send your child’s in so I have them altogether. On the day of the field trip, please make sure they arrive by 8:00 am as usual and then pick-up will be at the kinder doors at 2:30 pm. If they are late, they may miss the bus and we wouldn’t want that to happen! If you’re child goes to a child care provider, please contact them to let them know of any changes to the regular schedule. As we’re there all day, please pack adequate snacks AND a proper lunch for your child. Also ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather, including proper shoes for walking around the zoo all day. If it’s sunny, please make sure to apply sunscreen before they arrive at school, and it would be a good idea to send a hat too.

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