How to make Spelling Fun

•Look at the word, say the word, try to memorize the letters in the word,
write the word from memory, and check to see if you are right.
•Use magnetic letters on a refrigerator or cake pan to spell words.
•Spell words with glue and sprinkle glitter on them or use glitter pens.
•Cut out letters from a newspaper or magazine to spell words.
•Make spelling flash cards – write words on index cards and cut the letters
apart to spell.
•Call out spelling words in the car.
•Take a pre-test on Monday to see what words to work on. Don’t forget to
review the known words too!
•Mnemonic Devices – Come up with a saying to remember words – For
example: tail – The apple is light.
•Use scrapbook foam letters as a fun tool to study with.
•Write spelling words in bubble letters or another fun way.
•Use ABC Cookie Cutters and play-dough to cut out letters to spell words
•Paint spelling words.
•Use shaving cream to write spelling words.
•Write words in sand.
•Use letter beads from a craft store to write your spelling words (You could
even put them on a string, or a screw, which is a great motor skill!)
•Put letters on Legos, rocks, popsicle sticks, or bottle caps, and put them
together to spell your words.
•Got a Magna Doodle? Write your spelling words on it!
•Use Scrabble tiles (add up the points for each word to practice math
skills) – This site has tons of fun games to play using spelling

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