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  1.   Luciana on September 10th, 2014          Reply

    I am sorry Mrs. Plett

  2.   Christine Plett on September 11th, 2014          Reply

    That’s ok, Luciana. We all have rough days sometimes. I’m glad that you had a MUCH better day today! You were very helpful too, so thank you!

  3.   Luciana on September 12th, 2014          Reply

    Right .but I am so sorry .

  4.   Mrs. Plett & 2Plett on September 12th, 2014          Reply

    That’s ok sweets! Have a great weekend 🙂

  5.   Luciana on September 30th, 2014          Reply

    My dad was born in Hamilton Ontario and grew up in Nova Scotia.and my mom was born in manitoba . in and I was born in Winnipeg. and my little sister was born in Winnipeg .and my big sister was born in fort McMurray. My dads family is Portuguese and my moms is Icelandic but we’re all Canadian now. My favorite place in the world is drumheler \banff\cherch hill \.

  6.   Luciana on November 18th, 2014          Reply

    Mrs.plett I did the homework and assignment. ❇.

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