Going on a Vacation?

I often get asked if there is anything that the students can do when going on vacation. First of all, if you’re going on a vacation, make sure to enjoy it by relaxing, seeing the local sites, and going on adventures together! However, here are some options if you’re looking for something different 🙂


  • Study the animals of the area: life cycles, habitat, adaptations, environmental conditions
  • Observe the flora and fauna of the region

Social Studies

  • Compare and contrast the area with your home community
  • Visit a museum
  • Research information on your vacation spot
  • Plot the trip on a map
  • Make a travel brochure


  • Build sand castles incorporating geometric shapes
  • Create and solve word problems
  • Count and handle the local currency
  • Keep track of the number of miles you’ve travelled
  • Keep a record of the daily temperatures and compare with home temperatures

  Language Learning

  • Keep a journal or diary of your trip
  • Read a few good books for pleasure, perhaps of local folklore and legends
  • Learn a few words in the local language
  • Interview people from the area
  • Read brochures about the area
  • Write postcards to the class ( ________, c/o Prairie Waters Elementary, 201 Invermere Drive, Chestermere, AB, T1X 1M6)
  • Prepare a talk about the trip for the class
  • Watch a local news program and record the 5 W’s of local issues
  • Read!  Read!  Read!


  • Take photos of your trip
  • Sketch drawings

Physical Education

  • Walk, run, swim, bike ride, ski, skate, – be active!
  • Learn some local games to teach the class


  • Make note of the local vegetables, fruits and other foods and dishes
  • Keep track of all the different jobs people do to get you to and from your destination.
  • Observe the local living conditions

Wishing you a wonderful, safe, fun holiday and looking forward to your return!

Mrs. Plett

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