Building a Reader

~ Explore Books! Give your child an opportunity to explore books. Visiting a library or bookstore gives your child a chance to find topics and books that interest them.

~ Read! Read! Read! Make sure to read at least 30 minutes per day! Children can read independently, aloud to an adult, or back and forth with a partner.

~ Ask Questions!

  • Predictions
  • Characters
  • Main Idea
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Retell Story
  • Genre
  • Moral

~ Make it fun! Reading shouldn’t be a chore. Intentionally read with your child/discuss books but also research topics and do book activities together.

~ Be an Example! Children learn by example, so let your child see you read whether it be a book, newspaper, cookbook, etc.

~ Pick Good Fit books! A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:

  • Purpose for reading
  • Interest
  • Can they understand what they are reading?
  • Can they retell the story?
  • Do they know most of the words?

~ For Beginning Readers:

  • Point out and read words in natural settings – stores, streets, etc.
  • Memorize sight words
  • Visualize the story in your head
  • Ask questions before, during and after

    Don’t immediately tell an unknown word to your child! Instead ask them to:

  • Sound out the word
  • Break the word into parts
  • Try a different vowel sound (long/short)
  • Use illustrations for clues
  • Skip the word, re-read the sentence, and go back – what word would make sense?

~ For Advanced Readers:

  • Notice interesting, new vocabulary words, and make it a challenge to use them in conversation
  • Read with expression
  • Explore non-fiction books and their text features (diagrams, table of contents, etc.) along with other genres as well
  • Compare and contrast books
  • Discuss connections to literature
  • Think of new titles for books
  • Explore multiple books from the same author

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