Water Cycle and States of Matter

I always love talking about this, firstly because it is interesting, but most of all because of the various interpretations of what the words truly are. For example, precipitation often turns into participation. My personal favourites are when the word condensation turns into constellation or even better, constipation. Always so hilarious!

Challenge: What are some examples of solids, liquids and gases in your house? 

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  1.   Keaton on June 16th, 2016          Reply

    Solid – ice, plastic, paper
    Liquid – water, milk, lemonade
    Gas – air, steam from pot on stove

  2.   Katia on June 17th, 2016          Reply

    Solid – necklace, shoe, window,ice cream
    Liquid – melted ice cream, coffee, water, wine
    Gas – farts, natural gas, argon, propane

  3.   Cassie on June 20th, 2016          Reply

    Solid: our fridge and stove
    Liquid: water and milk
    Gas: when my dad farts

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