Whoa… it seems to have been a while since my last post update!! I still can’t seem to send pictures from my phone app (checked with tech support so hopefully we can get that figured out), but I figured it was time!

In math, we have started looking at measurement and why/how we measure things. In Grade 2, we are only focusing on non-standard units of measurement, so the last couple days we have been exploring and measuring various objects around the classroom using our fingertips, hands and arms.


  • What are some things that you use at home that are measured? (ex. time)
  • Measure some various objects around your house using fingertips, hands and arms
  • How many hands/fingertips/arm lengths would your house be?? What would be the best tool to measure your house: fingertips, hands, or arms??

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  1.   Katia on May 20th, 2016          Reply

    At home you use the timer on the stove when you are baking cookies to measure the time it takes to bake the cookies or whatever you are baking.

    My pencil crayon is 18 fingertips long. The couch is 3 arms and a hand long. The height of my chairback is 4 hands long.

    My house is 12 arms, 2 hands and 5 fingertips wide. Just using hands, it is 62 hands wide. I think the best tool to measure my house is arm lengths because it is the longest tool and houses are large.

  2.   Keaton on May 23rd, 2016          Reply

    We measure when we are baking with measuring cups.
    We measure how long a string is for sewing.
    We measure our foot for buying shoes.
    We measure how tall we are by a measuring chart.
    NASA measures how big the galaxy is.
    My Dads lap top is 2 1/2 h.
    My phone is 0 1\2 h.
    My Dad is 31\2 a
    My dog is 1 a.
    My guess from the window to the front door is 20 a.

  3.   Cassie on May 24th, 2016          Reply

    I measure how long I practice my guitar for using a timer. We made doughnuts and muffins yesterday and we had to measure all the ingredients using cups and teaspoons.

    My bed is 29 hands long and 15 hands tall.

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