Attributes Competition!

We have been learning about 2D shapes and what attributes are. We have played some games sorting everyone into different groups according to various attributes (or characteristics) and today we turned things up a bit into a healthy competition! The kids were split into 3 groups and had to work together to sort their pile of shapes according to different attributes. The trick was, once an attribute was used, that counted as a point for the team and it couldn’t be used again…. making things tricky!! Team 2 took first place, with a tight tie between team 1 and 3!

Through this math competition, we also had a great side opportunity to talk about the secret ingredients as to why team 2 won. At first the kids were saying the group won “because they had all the brains”. But in fact, everyone has the same size of brain… it’s just how we use it! Group 2 did an excellent job at communicating, sharing ideas, a couple people taking a leadership role in directing the group (without being bossy), encouraging each other and listening, and taking risks by trying things even if they didn’t work out the first time. The other groups were often arguing, fighting over who should be the leader instead of working together to lead a group, just sitting and not participating at all, or maybe even a little nervous to share their ideas (which I totally get as that used to be me!). It was a great conversation and I hope that some of it sunk in… we have an amazing group of kids each with their own unique personalities that I hope will continue to grow in confidence and put their best effort in, even if it is a bit scary at first or doesn’t work 🙂 Definitely a good conversation to even continue at home!
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  1.   Keaton on April 21st, 2016          Reply

    I so enjoy seeing what they have learned and how they work together! Thanks!

  2.   Cassie on April 21st, 2016          Reply

    Great teamwork Team 2!

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