Types of Boats

We have started learning about boats and buoyancy and had a great time exploring through the inquiry centres last week with Ms. Boyd’s class. Today we talked about digital citizenship and responsibility when using the internet as we are going to begin learning how to research topics online. These are 4 areas that parents should talk about with their kids at home too!

Parts of Responsible Internet Use

After talking about digital citizenship and being responsible when using the internet, we looked at an awesome tool that is a search engine for kids! We started out by just “kiddling” boats to see what we could find. We were shocked to discover that 153 million websites had something to do with boats!!!! But we wanted to learn specifically about how boats move or propel through water. So it’s important to not just look at the first ones, but to keep looking on other pages too!

Parents: this is an awesome tool that you can use at home with your child as well to practice safe researching and using the internet to find information! 

Below is a list of the different types of boats that the kids brainstormed. Each kid needs to pick their top 3 favourite boat choices that they would be interested in researching. I will then divide the choices for each student to research. After all, we decided as a group it would be WAY more interesting to have 25 experts on 25 different types of boats then 25 experts on only 1 type of boat! Even if you want to talk with your family or research other kinds of boats from around the world, go for it! There are probably TONS more that we haven’t even thought of!

Types of Boats

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