Float Your Boat!!

Yesterday we explored floating, buoyancy, density, loads, shapes, floaters, and sinkers in centres with Ms. Boyd’s class! Shout out to Mrs. Seabrook for staying late to help us out! We learned lots and had so much fun learning. Today, we took what we learned and entered the challenge to see who could make the best boat that could float, that was balanced, and could hold the most load (marbles). It was a tough competitive rally back and forth between Ryan and Sophie….. but in the end, Sophie blew the record of 16 out of the water with a shocking 24 marbles!!!! Great job!! I wonder who is going to go home and challenge their family members to see who can make the best boat?!?

Challenge: why do you think Sophie’s boat could hold 24 marbles and some of us could barely get 1 or 2 in before sinking? 

Also, on a weird side note, my boat seemed to only like counting by 3…. 1st test = 3     2nd test = 6    3rd test = 9    4th test = 12     6th test = 15
(the 5th test didn’t work and I went down….)…. how crazy is that?!? 

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  1.   Keaton on March 4th, 2016          Reply

    Hers was bigger and taller so it could hold more.

  2.   Sophie on March 4th, 2016          Reply

    The secret is tall walls and a curved bottom that is at the same time straight. Thank you Ryan you gave me a great challenge!

  3.   Cassie on March 4th, 2016          Reply

    Sophie’s boat had big walls and no holes and she had lots of plasticine. Congratulations Sophie!

  4.   Kayla on March 6th, 2016          Reply

    She had tall walls and curvd buttum.

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