Natural Resources

We had an amazing talk today about natural resources. We learned that natural means to come from nature, and resource means something that we use. Some kids (and even me when I was a kid!) thought that natural resources are boring. But today, we learned that it’s actually a very important thing to talk about! We watched a couple videos about what natural resources mean and examples of them, and then we watched a few that talked about how important they were for our survival and how they are slowly going away…. and it’s our fault. We need to start reusing things and recycling so that we can hopefully stop using so much of our natural resources and preserve them for our future!

We brainstormed a list of some of the natural resources that we use: sun, wind/air, water, plants, animals, and soil.

Check out the videos below:

All about Natural Resources:

Uncontacted Tribe in the Amazon (affected and potentially at risk due to the logging industry – which uses a natural resource, trees, that we need for our lives):

Challenge: What are some things that use the natural resources listed above? Try to find 2 examples for each one and leave them in a comment below! (hint: some things might not use them, but maybe were used in the process of making the item)

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  1.   Cassie on January 21st, 2016          Reply

    Things that use natural resources are:

    Sun: us- it keeps us warm, it gives us energy
    Soil: worms and we use soil to plant stuff
    Wind/Air: we use it to fly kites, to help birds fly, to help us breath
    Plants/Trees: we get paper from trees and we get food from plants
    Water: we drink it, we shower in it
    Animals: we play with them, in the arctic we use dogs for dog sleds, a long time ago they had horses to pull people

  2.   Kelden on January 21st, 2016          Reply

    Sun – keeps people warm, helps plants grow
    Wind/Air – helps to make power, helps us to breath
    Water – Helps plants to grow, helps to create power, Drinking
    Plants – Help to create oxygen in the air, Food
    Animals – Food, Pets
    Soil – Helps to grow plants

  3.   Keaton on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    Sun – heat and light
    Wind- windmill can help move water and produce electricity
    Air- lets us breath and keeps plants healthy
    Water- drink and helps plants grow
    Plants-medicine and food
    Animals- produce food like milk or eggs and fur
    Soil- helps plants grow and manuer from animals helps plants grow

  4.   Ella on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    Sun – helps plants grow and warms us up when it’s shining

    Wind/air – air allows us to breathe and wind blowing a windmill makes energy

    Water – to have baths and we use water in our toilets

    Plants – we eat them and we make medicines out of leaves

    Animals – food and clothing and we keep them as pets

    Soil – grow plants and trees in soil and then the plants give us food and the trees give us air to breathe.

  5.   Alaina on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    Sun – helps plants grow, keeps us warm.

    Wind/Air – helps us breathe, helps plants.

    Water – drinking, water plants.

    Plants help us breathe,they give us food, make things pretty .

    Animals – food,clothes, do work for us (horses, bees, cows, seeing eye dogs), friends to us.

    Soil – grow plants in,bury garbage.

  6.   Katia on January 24th, 2016          Reply

    sun: provides light for us to see and keeps us warm
    wind/air: windmills make electricity for power in our homes
    water: used for drinking to keep us hydrated and providing moisture for plants to grow
    plants: used to make medicine to cure illness and convert carbon dioxide to oxygen for breathing
    animals: used for meat and wool from sheep is used to make sweaters to keep us warm
    soil: used to grow plants and sometimes used to make mud huts for shelter

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