Quad Questions: Place Value

As I mentioned before, we have been working a lot on understanding place value and how to represent numbers in a Place Value Chart and with Base 10 Blocks. Some of you might not remember those, but they are little units (or cubes) that represent 1, rods that represent 10 (10 cubes stacked together), and a flat which represents 100 (10 rods stuck together). Today as a “Show What You Know”, the kids had to independently answer these 4 questions. I am sharing this photo so that the kids of 2P can show your parents what to do! You should me your ‘genius’ today, so now it’s time to show your ‘genius’ to your parents and siblings!
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  1.   Keaton on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    We have been doing this but also playing yatzee to help with addition of bigger numbers

  2.   Keaton on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    For my answer I had no bonus. It was 52 + 7 = 59

  3.   Alaina on January 22nd, 2016          Reply

    I answered these 4 questions and I will bring them to school.

  4.   Katia on January 24th, 2016          Reply

    I’ll bring the answers to these questions to school also.

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