Ghost Towns

Today we started talking about Ghost Towns. Check out the picture below to see what the kids already “know” about ghost towns….
Easy Blog Photo –> click on the video to watch the Johnny Cash song with pictures of abandoned places

Challenge: What are some reasons why places are abandoned and ghost towns develop? Talk with your families and share some ideas in the comments below! 

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  1.   Ameesha Muchalla on January 19th, 2016          Reply

    Some reasons why ghost towns start to develop are:

    1. There are no jobs

    2. A natural disaster kills people or damages the town and no one wants to live there.

  2.   Ella on January 19th, 2016          Reply

    If there is no more water near the town or if there is no way to make money people move away.

  3.   Keaton on January 19th, 2016          Reply

    Drought, natural disasters, or a better way of life somewhere else.

  4.   Ameesha Muchalla on January 19th, 2016          Reply

    If the economy isn’t doing so well people tend to move elsewhere in hopes of a better life. Natural disasters such as floods (High River-although it’s not a ghost town), earthquakes, volcanoes such as the one in Pompeii, Italy etc. Sometimes people move out of small towns to give their children better lives such as higher education (universities).

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