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2 vowels go walking, the first does the talking!

To kick off a new spelling rule this week, Miss Michie (our student teacher) talked about what can happen when 2 vowels are stuck together. Then the kids did a massive search around the classroom to find words that followed this rule. Below are the RED and GREEN word lists that the students will be […]

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Ghost Towns

Today we started talking about Ghost Towns. Check out the picture below to see what the kids already “know” about ghost towns…. –> click on the video to watch the Johnny Cash song with pictures of abandoned places Challenge: What are some reasons why places are abandoned and ghost towns develop? Talk with your families and […]

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Some more magnet videos….

Compasses: Magnetic Games: Speakers: MRI Machine: Auto Wrecking Lots: Cow Magnets: River Cleaning: Recycling Depot: What happens when a magnet is close to different technology:  

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